[GameXCoin] Development Updates — May 2019

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📄[GameXCoin] Development Updates — May 2019

Hello, this is GameXCoin development team.
Since our last updates earlier this month, we developed and tested more features of GameXCoin mainnet, mobile application, and developer integration protocols.

GameXCoin’s short-term goals are:

  1. Mainnet Integration : migrating GameXCoin products to the mainnet and updating major functions
  2. Token Swap : Inter-exchange of various mainnet coins(ERC-20 GXC token and GXC mainnet coin)without an intermediary

Since various game coins are minted and exchanged on GameXCoin mainnet, streamlining the entire process is extremely important. The lifecycle of a gamecoin should be proceeded smoothly, from in-game user acquirement, exchange with GXC coin, to token swap with an ERC-20 GXC token, and vice versa.

In the meantime, GameXCoin team has completed both development and test of token swap contract for ERC-20 based token and mainnet coin, and is currently applying it to our service.

The token swap leverages an atomic swap using HTLC(Hash Time Lock Contract) performing a seamless swap between heterogeneous mainnets.

Current development status can be seen from our github repository (a more sophisticated contract is used at a real production level)

You can also check out a news about ‘Ethcon 2019’ presentation by Conrad(GameXCoin HOBL, Head of Blockchain Lab) regarding HTLC.

Also, contract test for seamless exchange between game coins and GXC coin will be completed this week, and further policy details will be decided.

UI/UX design work regarding blockchain core function implementation on user mobile app is under process. Various functions such as viewing gamecoin information, events and friend invitation will be added to the mobile app. Code refactoring work for enhancing mobile app security and performance is also in process.

As for game launch, Flyff for GameXCoin official version is coming up next month, and various games are being reviewed for GameXCoin integration. More news will be released at the time of launch date due to confidentiality issues.

Thank you

🔷GameXCoin provides a technology infrastructure for game developers to integrate their in-game currency on the blockchain. Game developers issue game currencies on the GXC blockchain and the GXC coin becomes the key currency for trades between different game currencies.

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