2019 Aergo Mainnet Launch Event in Seoul, South Korea

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The recording is up! Our Mainnet Launch Event took place on April 17, 2019 to commemorate our mainnet launch and to share a few interesting new announcements.

Dear Aergo community,

The recording of the 2019 Aergo Mainnet Launch Event has now been uploaded on YouTube.

👇 You can view it here 👇

Timestamps are included in the video’s description for navigation convenience.

The event kicked off with Phil Zamani, Chairman and CEO of Aergo, explaining the massive market opportunity that Aergo’s hybrid blockchain looks to capture. He gave the audience more insight into just how meaningful the Aergo mainnet launch really is.

Hunyoung Park, CTO of Aergo, then went on to talk about what exactly the Aergo mainnet is. He explained the architecture, aspects of the token model, the network’s performance, and some of its key features. He then went on to explain some of the products that will be offered on Aergo. One example is Aergo Enterprise, Blocko’s new flagship product offering. It includes some key applications such as CERT, TSA, Identity, and more.

Then, Won-Beom Kim, CEO of Blocko, took to the stage to talk about the ecosystem strategy and some of the first-party dApps that will be offered on Aergo such as Gotchu, Captain Aergo, and the new AergoLite!

Phil then concluded by listing off the five key items of focus going forward. To end it off, Phil, Won, and Hun sat on stage for an open Q&A to answer questions from the audience.

If you enjoyed this presentation, be sure to join our community channels— we’ll be uploading a few more of the presentations we did in April over the next couple weeks. Don’t miss seeing them!

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