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Hello this is GameXCoin.

Beginning with ‘Flyff for GameXCoin’, various games are to be integrated to the GameXCoin blockchain.

This guide will walk you through what GameXPlay is, and its role as a gateway to every game integrated to the GameXCoin blockchain.

What is GameXPlay?

GameXPlay is a mobile app every gamer needs in order to play games on the GameXCoin blockchain ecosystem.

It helps to create GameXCoin accounts in an ever so easy way, freeing the gamers from all the complex blockchain tech-oriented things.

GameXPlay has two major roles, which are 1. game integration tool and 2. coin wallet.

Major functions of GameXPlay are as follow :

  1. ) Creating and managing accounts
  2. ) Providing a list of games and supporting game integration
  3. ) GXC and game coin wallet
  4. ) Coin Swap
  5. ) Coin Reserve
  6. ) DEX(Decentralized Exchange)

GameXPlay A-Z

Account creation and management

<GameXPlay — easy account creation>

After an e-mail authentication, you can easily create a GameXCoin account by setting the pincode.

With the account you had just created, you can directly manage your coins or integrate to games.

<GameXPlay — coin wallet and account integration>

Game Integration Tool

Click on the [game controller] button at the bottom middle of the page to go to the game integration page.

From the game integration page, you can check out the list of games integrated to the GameXCoin blockchain as well as two types of integration methods.

You can integrate with games via two different ways, [by OTP] or [by QR code]. You can quickly log in to the game by entering the OTP(one time password) that appears on the screen, or by scanning the QR code.

Coin Wallet

<GameXPlay — Coin Wallet screenshot>

Next, we will go through how to manage the game coins using GameXPlay.

Click the [wallet] icon at the bottom left corner to view the information about GXC and other game coins that the account holds.

At the top of the screen is the total value of the asset converted in GXC value, and below is the GXC wallet and other game coin wallets.

<GameXPlay — Flyff for GameXCoin Wallet screenshot>

Upon entering individual game wallets, you can find out information about each game coins.

Displayed at the top are the title of the game(“Flyff for GXC”) , game developer(“Gala Lab”), and the total amount of game coin the user owns(“10,000FLY”).

The total amount of game coin refers to the sum of [In-game] coin and [In-wallet] coin. Right below the total amount of game coin is the value of coin converted in GXC coin.

With the game coins, gamers can 1.) Move to Game, 2.) Move to Wallet, 3.) Send, or 4.) Exchange with GXC.

Now let’s take a close look at each of the functions.

<Flyff for GameXCoin coin wallet — [Move to Game]>

1. Move to Game

[Move to Game] refers to the exchange of [In-wallet] coins to [In-game] coins that can be used inside the game. Therefore if you need to buy an item inside a game, you may exchange to [In-game] coin and use it directly inside the game. [In-game] coin can only be used inside the game, and must be exchanged to [In-wallet] coin prior to exchange with other game coins.

2. Move to Wallet

Direct opposite f [Move to Game] is [Move to Wallet], which refers to the exchange of [In-game] coins to [In-wallet] coins. Coins a gamer earns must be moved out of the game in order to be exchanged with other game coins.

Unlike the [Move to Wallet] function which is executed immediately upon request, [Move to Wallet] has a 24 hour lock-up time prior to exchange of [In-game] coin to [In-wallet] coin.

3. Send

Send function enables the transfer of [In-wallet] coin to another GameXPlay account. The function allows gamers to enjoy the game more with their friends.

<Flyff for GameXCoin coin wallet — send>

4. Exchange with GXC coin

[Exchange with GXC] function enables the exchange of [In-wallet] coin for GXC coin. With the GXC coin that they have exchanged with, gamers can exchange it with another game coin or transfer it to a cryptocurrency exchange.

Why separate the coins anyway?

[Game coin] is used inside the game for gameplay, and [Wallet coin] is used outside the game for exchanging or sending.

Now, some of you may wonder why there is a need for separating [Game coin] and [Wallet coin].

We have a clear, simple reason for it, “security”.

Two different types of coins exist for the purpose of minimizing the influence that problems in a game could have on the entire GameXCoin ecosystem.

Games are prone to security issues such as hacking, farming, macro, etc. Suppose a situation where 10,000FLY coins were falsely minted due to some abusive user or an interior system error of a game. In this case, if [Game coin] and [Wallet coin] are not separated, the falsely-minted FLY coins can be immediately exchanged for GXC coin. To put it another way, value corresponding to 10,000FLY coins has popped out from nowhere.

Likewise, an error in an individual game can corrupt the entire GameXCoin ecosystem.

Fortunately, we have separated the game coins into two types, thereby giving the time to check for the legitimacy of requests and prevent the aforementioned misfortune from happening.

🔷GameXCoin provides a technology infrastructure for game developers to integrate their in-game currency on the blockchain. Game developers issue game currencies on the GXC blockchain and the GXC coin becomes the key currency for trades between different game currencies.

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