Two More DAPPs on TTC Connect

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Earn TTC by participating the Lucky Box Airdrop and playing a new arcade game.

Dear supporters,

TTC Connect now has two new DAPPs: an airdrop DAPP called “Lucky Box” and an arcade game DAPP called “Build House”.

To try these out, you must download TTC Connect.

⚠️ When you create your wallet, make sure to write down mnemonics word on a separate piece of paper and store it at a safe place where no one but you can access. If you lose your mnemonics, you will NOT be able to restore your wallet. ALL ASSET WILL BE LOST.

How to Participate in the Lucky Box Airdrop

From May 20th to June 20th (GMT+8,) a whopping prize of 20,000,000 TTC is up for the grab through the Lucky Box Airdrop. Each TTC Connect user has a chance to win up to 2,000 TTC.

Rules and Rewards

  1. Each participant must input an official or a friend’s referral code when participating for the first time
  2. Additional opportunities to participate will be given when a friend inputs your referral code. Each person you invite will grant you one additional opportunity.
  3. You will have 30 seconds to “open” gift boxes dropping from the top. Avoid bombs while keep an eye out for Easter Eggs for extra bonuses.
  4. The more gift boxes you “open”, the more TTC you will receive
  5. The Airdrop rewards will be paid in two installments, once every 15 days

How to Play the “Build House”

Build House is the second arcade game DAPP on TTC Connect, designed for all ages, with simple and intuitive game play. Stack building blocks as high as possible by simply touching the screen to release them at the right timing.

While you need to pay 2 TTC to play, you can earn TTC if you score over 200. The higher you build, the more TTC rewards you will get. A total prize of 4,000 TTC will be rewarded to players everyday.

Rules and Rewards

  1. The higher you score, the more rewards you get (players are eligible for rewards after 200 points)
  2. The maximum daily net rewards amount per person is 20 TTC
  3. The rewards will be distributed in real-time on a first come first served basis, until a daily rewards pool of 4,000 TTC runs out.
  4. The daily rewards pool is refilled everyday at 00:00 (UTC+8)
  5. Each player can only play with 1 TTC Connect account linked to 1 smartphone

Many more fun, useful, and interesting DAPPs that will make our lives more convenient and entertaining are to come aboard TTC. So stay tuned.

If you have any questions, please reach us through our Telegram group and email.

Thank you,

TTC Foundation

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