Ontology Hosts Blockchain Game Developer Event in Seoul

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On May 11th, Ontology hosted “Ontology X Blockchain Game”, an info session for blockchain game developers, at the Seoul Startup Hub Grand Auditorium. Over 130 Korean developers and media attended to hear about Ontology’s blockchain infrastructure, dApp incentive schemes, and upcoming Korean developer events.

The event began with a congratulatory message from Hwang Sung-Ik, Chairman of the Korea Mobile Games Association. Hwang spoke on how Ontology is a game-optimized platform and shared plans for a working relationship between the Association and Ontology in the future.

The Head of Business Development for Ontology in Beijing next introduced Ontology and its gaming ecosystem. Games generally have a short lifespan, so developers need to continuously work on innovation and upgrades. Ontology empowers games by providing solutions to tokenize game assets and make profitable economic models — attractive considerations for game developers looking to integrate blockchain technology.

Heo Sang-Min, CTO, and William Wu, Head of Global Business Development of Muzika, an Ontology-based music platform, introduced their project and development status. Heo Sang-Min shared the reasons why they implemented Ontology blockchain technology into their platform: to ensure transparent settlement between artists and customers, and to create better economic models than traditional Android- and iOS-based apps. He also praised his experience of communication between their development team and the Ontology development team. Chris Kang, CEO of MovieBloc, an Ontology-based movie platform, and MixMarvel, the company behind the hit Ontology game HyperDragons Go!, also spoke at the event.

The Q&A followed with the projects further sharing their experience developing on Ontology, as well as candid discussions about the limitations on blockchain in the game industry and its future.

For Korean developers, please join the developer community below for future event information. Please also check out the Ontology dApp incentive schemes and Ontology Korean Telegram group (which is currently hosting weekly quizzes!).

Ontology Korean developer community:

Thank you to everyone who came to the event, see you next time Korea!

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