[GameXCoin] Development Updates — May 10

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📄[GameXCoin] Development Updates — May 10

Hello, this is GameXCoin development team sharing our recent development updates.

This week, GameXCoin team has successfully completed the closed beta test for ’Flyff for GameXCoin’. We would like to express our gratitude for all those who participated in the event.
Now, we are moving on to our next phase, the official launch of ‘Flyff for GameXCoin’.

1. GameXPlay

Those who have participated in the closed beta test had hands-on experience in GameXPlay, the GameXCoin mobile app. Users could experience functions such as game integration, balance view, and token transfer via a simple sign-up on GameXPlay.

Several functions listed below are to be added on the official version of GameXPlay :

1. Token Swap :ERC-20 GXC coin listed on cryptoexchanges can be swapped to main net GXC coin. Token swap allows users to own a main net GXC coin. Exchange of a main net GXC coin to an ERC-20 GXC coin is also possible.

2. Coin exchange : Simple version of DEX function is supported, which allows the free exchange of game coin and GXC coin.

3. GXC coin claim : Aside from coin exchange, GXC coin can also be claimed from the reserved portion. This acts as a safeguard that ensures the minimum value of a game coin.

4. Others : Works to improve GameXPlay user experience such as password reset, e-mail reset, user search, performance and design improvement are underway.

2. Mainnet

Closed beta test enabled token expense, withdrawal and transfer, and transaction verification on the GameXCoin test net. These functions, in addition to free token swap, exchange of game coin and GXC coin, are to be implemented via integration of game with the GameXCoin main net.

1. Token swap : Smart contract for the swap between exchange coin(ERC-20) and main net coin is to be implemented. The token swap will enable the users to experience seamless deposit, withdrawal, and exchange of GXC coin via user’s Ethereum address inside the app. No other external services is needed.

2. DEX : Exchange of game coin and GXC coin is possible, and other mechanisms for supplying liquidity is under discussion.

3. Memory(RAM) : Individuals do not need to purchase extra memory to exchange coins between the gamers. Policies for exceptions and preventing abusive uses will be established.

3. GameXPort

Integration between the game server and GameXPort, the GameXCoin middleware, has proved to be a success through the closed beta test.
Integration with the mainnet focuses more on enhancing performance and security, and will include extra customization for game developers.
Applicability of unity SDK integration supporting various devices as well as pc games, and GameXCoin account based integration are under test.

GameXCoin team is doing our best in front/server/infrastructure/core development regarding the official launch of ‘Flyff for GameXCoin’.

We will deliver the further details of our development updates afterwards.

🔷GameXCoin provides a technology infrastructure for game developers to integrate their in-game currency on the blockchain. Game developers issue game currencies on the GXC blockchain and the GXC coin becomes the key currency for trades between different game currencies.

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