TTC Introduces Two New DAPPs

TTC | 05.10| 350

A decentralized exchange “TDEX” and an arcade game “Shining Run”

Dear supporters,

TTC launched two new DAPPs: a decentralized exchange “TDEX” and an arcade game “Shining Run”. Update your TTC Connect to try these out.

TTC Decentralized Exchange (“TDEX”)

TDEX is a secure decentralized exchange for TTC and TST20 tokens (tokens designed and used solely on the TTC platform). Users can now trade TST20/TTC and TST20/TST20 in real-time on TTC Connect. With TDEX, users no longer have to undergo the tedious process of depositing to, trading within, and withdrawing from a centralized exchange. Also, TDEX only requires a small gas fee to trade.

TDEX initially supports $TTC and $ACN, the first TST20 token issued by Acorn Protocol. TDEX will list additional TST20 tokens in the future as more DAPPs and services join the TTC ecosystem. Since users are able to trade one token to another seamlessly, it will promote token circulation. The millions of users of Acorn Protocol and TTC DAPPs can enjoy multiple services without any hurdles.

Shining Run — Race against the World and Earn $TTC

Shining Run is both the first arcade game based on TTC and the first DAPP to implement TTC PAY. Shining Run is designed for all ages, with simple and intuitive game play. You simply swipe your finger left and right to control your character to avoid obstacles and collect items while trying to run as far as you can. Shining Run is playable on TTC Connect.

You need to pay 2 TTC (via TTC Pay) to play, and depending on your score, you can earn up to 20 TTC. A total prize of 4,000 TTC will be rewarded everyday.

Rules and Rewards

  1. The higher you score, the more rewards you get (players are eligible for rewards after 200 points).
  2. The maximum daily net rewards amount per person is 20 TTC.
  3. The rewards will be distributed in real-time on a first come first served basis, from a daily rewards pool of 4,000 TTC.
  4. The daily rewards pool is refilled everyday at 00:00 (UTC+8)
  5. Each player can only play with 1 TTC Connect account linked to 1 smartphone

Many more fun, useful, and interesting services that will make our lives more convenient and entertaining are to come aboard TTC. So stay tuned.

If you have any questions, please reach us through our Telegram group and email.

Thank you,

TTC Foundation

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