Ontology Triones Node Software, Hardware, and Network Requirements

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Ontology can be deployed and run in an X86 environment and mainstream virtualization environments and supports most mainstream hardware networks.

Linux operating system version requirements

Server requirements

Ontology supports the deployment of 64-bit general purpose hardware server platforms running on Intel x86–64 architecture. The following requirements and recommendations apply to the node server hardware configuration:


  • Cloud service referral providers: AWS with DdoS protection, Azure (international) with DdoS protection, Google Cloud with load-balance.
  • If you only need to test deployment, it is recommended that you use the Docker Compose deployment solution for standalone testing.

Network requirements

As an open-source high-performance distributed ledger platform, Ontology needs to ensure certain latency to guarantee performance:

  • The ping value to the seed node list does not exceed 300 ms *
  • The node extranet bandwidth >= 50 mb

Normal operation requires the network environment to provide the following network port configuration requirements. Administrator can enable relevant ports on the network side and host side according to the deployment of Ontology modules in the actual production environment:

Client web browser requirements

Ontology provides the visual monitoring tool. Users are advised to use latest version of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox to access the browser portal.

The Ontology Foundation reserves the right of final decision on interpretation.

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