The candidate for the Bithumb public vote…Cosmochain, Pibble, Ankr Network, Conun.

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The candidate for the Bithumb public vote…Cosmochain, Pibble, Ankr Network, and Conun.

Bithumb, the cryptocurrency exchange, made an announcement on the 13th that Pickthumb, a public voting community, has started its third-round process.

The candidate for the third round have four projects: ▲Cloud Computing Service Platform Ankr Network ▲Distributed Super Computing Platform Conun ▲Beauty Platform Cosmochain, ▲Compensation Type Social Platform Pibble.

At the Pickthumb Day event held on the 11th, each project explained the details of the project to investors. The event was broadcast live on YouTube and will be featured on social media for video presentations for investors who have not participated in the event.

Candidate verification will be held until 17th. During this period, members can freely discuss and thoroughly verify each project.

The vote will run for three days from 18th to 20th. Bithumb earlier this week decided to apply the procedures of 7 days of public disclosure and verification, 3 days of voting and 7 days of voting verification.

Along with recent improvement of Pickthumb process, Bithumb has also prepared additional measures to enhance fairness and transparency. Strengthening the monitoring of access prevention, which blocks IP when voting on multiple accounts with the same IP, and strictly taking action against abnormal voting behavior through the inspection of the number of votes cast.

“We are very interested in this round of projects, and the investors are very interested in this round,” said one of the representatives at Bithumb. “We will continue to work on fair rounds to build a clean cryptocurrency ecosystem.”

By YouKyung Kim

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