Augur Weekly Report — May 1st

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Augur Weekly Report — May 1st

Development Update

The dev team is in the midst of the current sprint, Flabbergasted Fig.

  • The UI team has finished up all pending redesign implementation tasks and has entered into a phase of testing the various features as a team. During this time they’re evaluating performance, user experience, and understanding any improvements that can be made in the planned improvements release that will immediately follow. One can play with the new redesigns now on the public testnet site:
  • To support this integration the middleware team has been completing updates to the Augur Node component, which provides new rich data for the redesign Trading, Portfolio, and Accounts pages. Most importantly there are updates to Profit and Loss calculation, a brand new set of business logic to show users “Frozen Funds” (#1869) and bug fixes for when users trade with themselves (#1849#1852).
  • The team is using this update as a chance to firm up our Augur V2 Migration Plans.
  • And last but not least, in a very exciting announcement, The Forecast Foundation has engaged with Zeppelin to perform V2 Contract Audits!

Augur Metrics

Pre-Finalization Markets: 540

All-Time Finalized Markets1,811

Pre-Finalization Open Interest: $350,587.78 (2,192 ETH)

CASH Contract: $737,515.92 USD (4,538 ETH)

ETH Price: $162.52

Augur Master Plan

Augur Master Plan

The Augur Master Plan, written by Joey Krug, is nearly two years old. The post laid out the necessities for a decentralized prediction market:

⬇️ Lowest fees
🔐 Censorship resistance
🙋‍♂️ User created market
🚷 Resolution without trusted party
💵 Stablecoins
⚡ Faster trading
⏱️ Higher TPS
📊 Margin trading
📈 Leveraged trading
🔁 Automatic rollovers
💰 Dark pools

And augured where the platform would be today:

“The first version of Augur will likely be somewhat slow and slightly expensive (think pennies and many seconds per trade), but it’ll certainly be a beautiful glimpse of what’s to come.”

This post serves as a beacon for the future and reminder that the journey is still young!

The A to Z Beginner’s Guide to Augur

Augur Protocol made headline when it handled over $1.6 Million in Ether Volume during the US Midterms Election. But what is Augur?

CoinGecko released a beginner-friendly guide to using the Augur protocol, complete with screenshots. Follow the link above to check it out!


The Ultimate Guide to Decentralized Prediction Markets

Augur v2: A Tour of the Prediction Protocol’s First Major Upgrade

Augur as Wikipedia for Markets

The DeFi Series — An overview of the ecosystem and major protocols

BlitzPredict — Weekly Update

Veil — Weekly Update

The Forecast Foundation has no role in the operation of markets, trades or actions created or performed on the Augur protocol, nor does it have the ability to censor, restrict, control, modify, change, revoke, terminate or make any changes to markets created on the Augur protocol. The Forecast Foundation has no more control over the Augur protocol than anyone else using Ethereum.

Thus, we do not seek to advise others on how to use the protocol. We encourage those in the community that are well educated on Augur to pay it forward and share their ideas for best practices, tips, fixes and etc with the larger community via Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Github and other community channels. For more information regarding the role of the Forecast Foundation, checkout the FAQ.

Augur | A Decentralized Oracle & Prediction Market Protocol


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