GameXCoin launches ‘Flyff for GameXCoin’ CBT

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GameXCoin launches ‘Flyff for GameXCoin’ CBT(Closed Beta Test)

Hello this is GameXCoin.
We are happy to announce the launch of ‘Flyff for GameXCoin’ CBT(Closed Beta Test). After 10 days of CBT, the open beta version of ‘Flyff for GameXCoin’ will be released.

The following article is a translation of the news written by Jun Soo Lee of KHGames.

You can check out the original news from here.

On April 29th, GameXCoin launched the ‘Flyff for GameXCoin’ CBT, the first MMORPG to be integrated to its blockchain.

GameXCoin will conduct the CBT for 10 days, and will distribute approximately 10million FLY coins to the participating users. Fly coin is the cryptocurrency used in the ‘Flyff for GameXCoin’. The distributed coins can be either used in the official version to be opend after the CBT, or be exchanged for GXC coins. ‘Flyff for GameXCoin’ is the first real use case for an existing long-run game to be integrated with a blockchain system, thereby drawing attention of the related industry even before the launch.

Gamers who want to participate in the event should download the ‘Flyff for GameXCoin’ on their PC, as well as the GameXPlay mobile app, and integrate it with their game(Flyff) account. The integration can be done easily via scanning QR code or entering OTP code. After that, the gamers can increase their chances of winning the event by earning game coins(Fly coins) while playing the game, purchasing items, and raising their levels. GameXCoin explained that it has minimized the entry barriers for gamers since cryptocurrency wallet is created via simple integration.

Gamers can also hunt monsters in the game to earn coins which are randomly dropped. Also, by hunting boss monsters, gamers receive differential rewards depending on the ranks. Gamers receive daily reward for logging in during the event period. More FLY coins can be earned via exclusive FLY quests. Meanwhile, gamers are automatically subscribed to the CBT events according to the acquired coins and level. Total of 200 gamers will receive approximately 10million FLY coins that can be used in the official version. Afterwards, 10 FLY coins can be exchanged for 1 GXC coin.

Kai Kim, the CEO of GameXCoin, explained, “Unlike the blockchain games with difficult UI and less fun, games integrated to the GameXCoin blockchain are able to penetrate a bigger market based on the already-proven game performance and a wide user base.” As soon as the close beta test is over, GameXCoin will hold a meetup for game developers to demonstrate the GameXCoin developer portal as well as API and SDK for integrating games.

Hyun-soo Kim, president of Gala Lab, expressed his excitement, saying “Launching Flyff for GXC is also a welcoming news for our existing users as it will introduce a new version combining blockchain technology to the beloved worldwide game. This would be a good example of how blockchain can be applied to a game that already has a lot of users.”

GameXCoin(GXC) provides a technology infrastructure for game developers to integrate their in-game currency on the blockchain. Game developers issue game currencies on the GXC blockchain and the GXC coin becomes the key currency for trades between different game currencies.

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