GUHADA Design : Wireframe and Prototype

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GUHADA Design: Wireframe and Prototype

What is wireframe?

The wireframe is an efficient and valuable process during the design process. Wireframe works as a backbone for the development process of a mobile app, a webpage, and high-end user-interface applications. At this point, the user can participate in the process.

For example, the wireframe works as an effective communication tool in the product development stage, since various related personnel is involved. By sketching the wireframe on to the whiteboard, the UX designer, business analyst, marketing manager, and more can communicate through the wireframe and share ideas.

Benefits of the wireframe

If there is no wireframe, the designing of the mobile app and website can only be worked through guesses and predictions. One of the benefits of the wireframe is that it provides instructions and there more additions to it.

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Co-operation is the “Key”

For the developers and engineers, even clients to related personnel, everyone has to have an idea about the requests, the goal, and the vision of the accomplishment. The wireframe is the source of clear communication during the development of the mobile app or the website functionality application. Wireframe sets what works and what not in the design process and allows everyone to view the results clearly.

The intuitive design of the wireframe is a must

The wireframe is used as a test operation, during the design of the mobile app or the comprehensive website. Designers and developers can directly apply the wireframe for testing, so they can configure the drop-down menu, search path, and its related page search.

Wireframe does not need the visual description

Instead, for the wireframe, there needs to be a specific route, such as a final user accessing the information on the website or the mobile app. So, it is a difficult task that cannot be done without the draft or a blueprint.
After gaining the method for design element indication on the page and the idea for the location, decision for the strategical development process that is established, based on the content indicated in the wireframe instead of the highly costing process.

Wireframe reduces the trial and error by the trial attempts prior to the actual project execution

If the efficient click and usability test is completed through the interactive wireframe, the time for construction, efforts and costs can all be reduced. By constructing the interactive prototype that focuses on the communication of client, designer, and developer, the logical flow of the website and the mobile app can be tested.

GUHADA’s wireframe

GUHADA, an e-commerce open market platform is currently under development process based on the agile method, using the wireframe and the prototype design, minimizing the project issues. Below images show the login, ID, find-password, and flow of the GUHADA platform.

GUHADA : Login, ID/PW find, Wirefram

Please stay tuned for the launch of GUHADA in September of this year.

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