Community, BlockData, and Bitwires join Ontology as new nodes

Ontology | 04.19| 473, BlockData, and Bitwires, three leading China-based blockchain media companies, have joined Ontology as new nodes. is an emerging fintech startup providing blockchain-related information and data services. runs Winkrypto,, ChainNews, and more.

Embracing its unique approach of cooperation with peers around the world, dedicates to growing into a world-leading blockchain data and information provider. At, they work to serve industrial players in the blockchain and fintech space.


BlockData is a leading brand in blockchain research and professional services, and is a global blockchain data and analysis service provider.

At present, BlockData has set up strategic cooperative relations with dozens of top institutions in the industry, such as People’s Venture Capital, Institute of Internet Industry — Tsinghua University, CCID Blockchain Research Institute, CAPC Blockchain Technology and Application Commission, and has jointly carried out research on frontier topics.


Bitwires is currently China’s largest blockchain media platform in terms of user traffic. With over 1,000 projects and 700 media partners signed on to their platform, Bitwires has reached two million downloads and its API cooperates with 50 high-traffic apps, covering over seven million users.

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