Announcing the WRT buyback!

Waves | 04.19| 369

Tokens can be sent as a sign of appreciation to Waves Ambassadors — who are the only ones able to sell them.

In our recent airdrop, we distributed a total of 872,200 Waves Reward Tokens (WRT) to 8,722 addresses — all those containing at least 10 Waves Community Tokens.

The purpose of WRT is to reward our Ambassadors as valued members of our community, as well as showcasing Waves’ smart token functionality. Now, we are going to buy back 40,000 WRT for 40,000 WAVES. On 19 April you will find a buy wall for these tokens on DEX.

Smart tokens

These tokens are not designed to be traded by the community, but are a special asset intended to be used solely as a reward currency for our Ambassadors. Anyone can send WRT to an Ambassador, but a white-listing function attached to the token prevents anyone but Ambassadors from selling them. (If you have any further suggestions for features we can implement for WRT, please let us know at

Ambassadors are a vital part of the Waves ecosystem and community, and we want to incentivise them to do their work in any way we can. Waves team will also be donating WRT to Ambassadors who show their dedication and initiative.

Could you be our next Ambassador?

We are currently looking for Ambassadors in Berlin, New York, San Francisco and Singapore. If you think you’d be a good fit, send your applications here.

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