[GameXCoin] Diversification of Blockchain Game DApp platforms — different platforms have different…

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[GameXCoin] Diversification of Blockchain Game DApp platforms — different platforms have different UX

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Blockchain game dapp(decentralized application) gained its first public attention with Cryptokitties, the popular kitty collecting game. Since then, many game DApps were developed on the Ethereum blockchain.

However, starting with the launch of EOS mainnet, many developers have started to create various experimental game dapps on other blockchain platforms such as Tron and Steam., an informational site providing insights about the existing dapps, only supported Ethereum and EOS. Recently, it has added Tron to its list of platforms.

Top 10 game dapps on ranked based on the number of users in 24hrs are as follows. Among top ten game dapps, there are four EOS dapps, four Ethereum dapps, and two Tron dapps.

As can be seen, EOSKnights of EOS, My Crypto Heroes of Ethereum, and TRONLegend of Tron each ranked first, second and third in number of users 24h. Contrary to the earlier stage of dapps where only the Ethereum dapps were alive, now developers are launching new dapps on various blockchain platforms.

As for now, since many public blockchain projects are launching their mainnets, dapp developers have more platform choices than ever. Thus, developers must analyze the characteristics of each platforms and choose the one that best suits their dapp.

For example, Ethereum is said to be more decentralized than EOS since anyone is able to participate in running a node. However, it imposes a big hurdle to the users since they have to sign and pay transaction fees for every transaction they make. On the other hand, EOS overcomes the problem of the loadsome of transaction fee, but at the same time, is criticized for concentrating power to 21 block producers. Moreover, users must go through a complicated process of staking on resources such as CPU and RAM, previous to using EOS dapps.

Likewise, every platform has its own trade-offs due to the structural differences, so dapp developers must choose carefully which characteristic to put emphasis on.

Using different platform has more to it than just a different developing environment. Platform choice affects the user experience(UX) of the gamers

Similar UI, but different UX

Ethergoo vs Trongoo

<Ethergoo vs Trongoo>

Ethergoo and Trongoo are two games each launched on Ethereum and Tron.

As one can tell from the title and main page, these two have similar UI with similar game mechanism. The goal of the games is maximizing the goo production by hiring kitties or attacking other players.

Although they have similar UI and gameplay mechanism, they have fundamental differences in UX(User Experience) because they operate on different blockchain platforms.

Ethergoo, the original game among the two, charges small fees to every transactions that occurs because it is opereated on Ethereum. Tron, on the other hand, solved the latency issue and transaction fee issue. However, since many mainnets in their initial phase do not have many users, they are less likely to gain traction.


EOSJOY is the first snake eating game on EOS which became popular due to its simple gameplay. Other than EOS, the game also supports other blockchain platforms such as TRON, BOX, IOST, MEETONE, and GXChain.

Therefore gamers can choose blockchain platforms as if they are choosing game servers, compete with the participants, and earn reward in specific platform coins. Since the game requires competition among multiple participants, there could be network effect resulting from the number of users of the platform. This could in turn determine the success of dapps.

The value of a public blockchain depends on the presence of a killer dapp with high usability. In the meantime, various blockchain projects have been launching their own mainnet, each emphasizing its advantages such as low transaction fee, TPS(Transaction per second), or security.

Over time, the gap between blockchains that acquired quality dapps and those that couldn’t will only increase. With various blockchain mainnet competing to take the lead, we can only guess which blockchain would flourish in the near future.

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