Commercial Film To Air For KARMA In Seoul, Korea

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Los Angeles, April 17, 2019 — KARMA has a supportive and fast-growing community in South Korea. Seoul in many ways is the most forward thinking city when it comes to its excitement and its use of cryptocurrencies & blockchain.

We’re ecstatic to announce that a commercial film is being created and will air in Seoul, South Korea. As we write this, an amazing commercial is being created for KARMA that will air in 52 movie theatres, across 320 screens during the previews on every movie for an entire month. This commercial will explain KARMA, show them how the app works and encourage them to download KARMA in the app store.

This is huge exposure for KARMA and marks a key milestone as a first for any blockchain project utilizing this style of marketing.

The Key Details

Movie Theatres: 52
Total Movie Screens: 320

Cinema’s the commercial will show in:
1. CGV
3. LOTTE Cinema

Transmit Team:

Special thanks to KARMA team member and Korean community manager Cover for all of his hard work and creativity in finding this amazing opportunity for KARMA.

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