Development update on Verge #19

Verge | 04.12| 315

It’s yet another codebase rewind of the last two weeks. Let’s see what happened this time to our codebase:

Hash Power

Enabling the view of the estimated hash power per algorithm and also all-in-one.
It just work like, rewinding the last 360 blocks to get an average hashpower by the required difficulty and time taken to mine the blocks. More info can be founds right here: commit-208d1bd

Hash power at the very moment of the execution (maybe some days old)

Stealth Address — Receiving

Sadly we had a bug in the beta version, where stealth funds weren’t receivable, whenever you send one. It was due to the incorrect keys being propagated to the blockchain. This has now been fixed. It’s now sending out the ephemeral public key, which can be identified by the receiver. More info over here: PR-#892

Tor Onion Services V3

After a long discussion internally, but also publicly on Twitter, we decided to upgrade our current version of tor from to This Upgrade also brought along some new major feature: We officially support Onion Services V3!

^ an onion services v3 address (pretty neat AND LONG! — try to blackhole’em)

Those new onion services include some fresh security patches, but also new and longer address for hidden services. Cheers! — More info about the integration, right here: PR-#872

Fees — pay’em or leave

We had some slight adjustments within the fee structure. Well actually they existed like that since the early days, but most people have never actually realized it.

> 1 kb
≤ 1kb

We have a base fee 0.1 XVG / KB, with that we come to the conclusion, that you might exceed some transactions limits and broadcasting them with a too low fee, which causes that your transaction isn’t processed. This is now fixed. As you exceed this limit (size>1kb), you have to pay a higher fee .

Disclaimer: You, yes you, won’t experience this, unless you are trying to do weird things like me sending Verge to almost 30 people! — OUCH!

More can be found over here: commit-71501b6

Off-Topic — Monitoring Dashboard

The new monitoring dashboard — holy, I could watch it for weeks.

We recently introduce an upgraded, faster and more reliable version of a monitoring dashboard. It’s now online at ! Have fun watching some pretty neat real-time charts!

Verge Android Wallet

There’s honestly not a lot new Android wise. Let me explain why. I’ve started implementing Verge wallet capabilities through an existent bitcoin library called “bitcoin-wallet-kit” and adapted it to work with Verge addresses, simply put. Even tho I haven’t been changing the essential structure of the library (so I just changed chain related aspects such as magic bytes) I’m encountering an exception related to the database engine used by the library, which is Realm. Right now I’m focused on solving the issues related to Realm and if everything goes well the next step will be replacing mock data around the wallet with real data belonging to said wallet. Next step will be implementing transaction send and writing a client to connect to our Verge Wallet Service (vws).

Once I’m not stuck anymore I’ll let you know via Twitter. 😄

Verge iOS Wallet

I’m not gonna lie as I want to tell you all about whats going on with this product… But I choose to go radio silent for the upcoming time until the application is released and downloadable in the App Store. I’ve come to this decision to make the release something to look forward to even to the beta testers out there already using the product. 😝

The latest beta version 6 (0.18) is in terms of wallet functionality nothing different from whats gonna end up in the App Store. So if you want to test out the beta versions in the meantime… let us know!

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