KARMA Partners with Carbon

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KARMA Partners with Carbon

Medellin, 1st April 2019 —CarbonUSD is a price-stable cryptocurrency that is one-to-one backed with USD. Since launching, Carbon has provided an awesome product with a seamless user experience. KARMA ltd is excited to announce a partnership with Carbon. There are countless use cases for CUSD yet to be seen and we’re excited that KARMA is one of them.

“We are excited to offer our users choice. We want users to be able to easily transition from fiat into KARMA and then from KARMA to fiat using Carbon Fiber, the fiat on / off ramp. We are thrilled to provide these new services and enhanced liquidity through our awesome partners at Carbon,” said Dallas Rushing, Co-Founder of Karma.

Through this partnership, both parties will be able to positively impact the EOS ecosystem and enable Karma users to more easily acquire their preferred tokens at a more efficient price.

“Ultimately blockchain is about disintermediation and empowerment, two ideals Karma embodies perfectly. We’re honored to be working the Karma team to massively increase their immediately addressable market,” said Sam Trautwein, CEO and Co-Founder of Carbon.

How KARMA & Carbon Will Work Together

  1. Fiat Gateway
  2. Improved Liquidity
  3. Fair and Efficient Market Making


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