Waves Gaming Grant Recipient Announced

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Tradisys, an established contributor to the Waves community in the gaming field, will be issued a 100,000 WAVES grant for future projects.

Recognising the huge potential of the $100 billion gaming sector as a major use case for blockchain, Waves launched its gaming project in October 2018. A total of one million WAVES will be disbursed to motivate developers to build their games on the Waves blockchain.

Waves strongly believes that the gaming sector will be an enthusiastic adopter of blockchain and will drive its widespread use.

Now, we are thrilled to announce the recipient of the first grant under our gaming project. Tradisys is a long-term and devoted contributor to the Waves community, having already developed several ground-breaking games on the Waves platform and with many more in the pipeline.

Road to blockchain mastery

Formed in November 2017, Tradisys has been contributing to Waves since Summer 2018.

In September 2018, Tradisys unveiled TicTacToe, the first ever game on the Waves blockchain, at a community meetup in St Petersburg. The game was written in RIDE, Waves’ language for smart contracts.

A month later, Tradisys’ Centaur Oracle was used to select the winner of a Ledger Nano S during a Waves Blockchain Community meetup in Tallinn. Since then, the Centaur Oracle has been actively used by the Waves community for holding various contests and raffles.

In December, the X-mas Tree game was launched on the Waves Platform. Users were able to decorate a Christmas tree and get the chance to win a prize of 3 WAVES, while all of the proceeds from the game were donated to charity.

The game was a huge success with the Waves community, and was soon followed by Fhloston Paradise — a smart contract-powered game inspired by the movie The Fifth Element.

The initial version of Fhloston Paradise tested players’ patience, since the winner was the player who paid the very last stake during a 60-block period, before any other player could pay their stake and reset the counter to zero.

Eventually the winner, Dmitry Pichulin, collected 4,700 WAVES in stakes paid by other players. You can check out the game’s source code on GitLab.

Just over a week ago, Tradisys released a sequel, Fhloston Paradise 2, which is broken into rounds, making the chances of winning much higher.

Meanwhile, Tradisys’ other effort on the Waves blockchain is Dice Roller, which took design, UX, technology and transparency in the blockchain space to a totally new level.

We anticipate a fruitful and exсiting collaboration with Tradisys. We will soon publish an interview with Ioann Voronin, Tradisys’s crew captain, so stay tuned.

And, if you are a developer of blockchain games, we would like to hear from you. Fill out a form to get the chance to join the programme and work with us in the lucrative blockchain gaming segment!

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