KARMA Releases Update: Version 1.5

KARMA | 03.26| 864

KARMA Releases Version 1.5

Medellin, 25 March 2019 — KARMA Releases Version 1.5

What’s new in this release:

  1. Easy Sign Up with Facebook
    This was designed with non-crypto users in mind. People now can easily sign up with a Facebook account and create a free EOS account.
  2. Condensed App To One Version
    This was done to make design improvements and updates faster for future releases.
  3. Never Run Out Of CPU
    Users running out of CPU was an obvious issue for DAPPS to scale to millions of users. Now, whenever a user runs out of CPU, they can click a button and get EOS delegated to them for the next 8 hours. If they need more after that, they can just click the button again.
  4. Supported Languages For Korea & China
    This is important as KARMA grows to support more and more languages around the world.
  5. Fixed Performance Bugs
    There were several bugs fixed that improve speed, navigation and other pesky bugs.
  6. New Awesome Icon

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