HyperDragons Go! Upgrade Tutorial

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  1. Dragon creation rules

There is only one system that breeds new female dragons, and players breed male dragons. The initial breeding quota of female dragons is 1, and that of male dragons is 0. Each time the dragon gets an extra breeding opportunity when it upgrades five levels e.g. 5,10,15,20…(Eva can not breed)

System female dragon initial price: 480 ONG
Ending price: 20 ONG
Duration: 3 days

System male dragon initial price: 100 ONG
Ending price: 20 ONG
Duration: 1 day

Ontology dragon initial price: 2000 ONG
Ending price: 400 ONG
Duration: 7 days

The ONT Dragon is fixed as male dragon. The price of dragon is not fixed rather Dutch auction. Dragon price will start from the initial price and decrease linearly with the duration till the ending price.

The system female dragons’ price will fluctuate in regards to the average transaction price of the recent five system female dragons.

Players are free to set the initial price, ending price and duration of the dragon.

The system male dragon price is relatively low; the property is random, it is an excellent choice for players to get started. The ONT dragon is a male dragon, and the combat Strength is dominant. It will only appear after the first, 20th, 100th and 300th of the system creation and 500th male dragons behind it. Players who like strongest dragons must not miss it.

2. Dragons basic attributes

Health: dragons’ ability to withstand damage (HP)
Strength: the basic attacking power of the dragon
Stamina: Affect the basic defense and hit rate of the dragon
Dexterity: the dragon with higher dexterity gets the first hand. Affect the dodge rate of the dragon
Intelligence: Affects the damage dealing skill of the dragon
Basic crit rate: 10%; Basic critical strike damage: 130%
Power: the average of health, strength, physical, dexterity, and intelligence
Growth rate: the average growth value of the five attributes of dragon-fighting. As shown in the figure above: life 158 (+5), +5 growth per level of this attribute in brackets

If the opponent is restrained, the skill effect is +20%; Skill effect -20% if overpowered by opponent.

3. Dragon battle skills

Note: The opponent’s defense value will reduce the damage based on the Strength value, and the damage based on the intelligence value is not affected by the opponent’s defense value.

Attack: each scale and claw of a dragoon can damage an opponent, causing strength based damage to the opponent

Defense: the dragon flexes its muscles and closes its wings for defense. Damage taken in the next turn is reduced by 70%

Charged strike: the dragon gathers strength for a powerful physical attack.

Strength bonus:★★☆ Intelligence bonus:★

Dragon stomp: killing you is as easy as stepping on ants!

Strength bonus:★★★☆ Intelligence bonus:★

Deadly blow: a powerful strike from a dragon that can shatter mountains and rocks.

Strength bonus:★★★★ Intelligence bonus:★

Fireball attack: a hot fireball is hot enough to ignite the air!

Strength bonus:★★ Intelligence bonus:★★★

Meteor shower: rain of justice from heaven!

Strength bonus:★★☆ Intelligence bonus:★★★

Revelation: E= MC squared

Strength bonus:★★★ Intelligence bonus:★★★

Defensive barrier: powerful magic creates an impenetrable barrier around the dragon. The dragon takes 85% less damage during next turn

Power up: increases your damage over the next 2 turns

Defense boost: increases your defense over the next 3 turns

Dodging boost: increases your dodge over the next 2 turns

Attack reduction: reduces your opponent’s attack over the next 2 turns

Reduced defense: decreases your opponent’s defense over the next 3 turns

Heal: quickly apply emergency health kit! Regenerates 30% of your maximum health

Daze. 3, 2, 1. Get stunned!

The damage is slightly lower than the normal attack but has a higher probability of making the opponent stun for 1 round.

Talons of the storm: angry strike with storm and thunder!

The damage caused is slightly higher than the normal attack, and there is a certain probability that the opponent will stun for 1 round.

4. How do you breed a dragon?

Breeding dragons need to meet the following requirements:

1. a male dragon, a female dragon

2. Both fighting dragons were in normal state and the breeding times were > 0

Both dragons are owned by the operator, or one is for rent

4. Breeding fee: 20 ONG

The breeding outcome of players is male dragon, Eva cannot breed. The initial breeding frequency of female dragons is 1, and male dragons is 0.

Each time the dragon gets an extra breeding opportunity when it upgrades five levels e.g. 5,10,15,20…

After receiving confirmation from the blockchain, the mother dragon will enter the “pregnant” state, the pregnancy time is fixed to 8 hours, and the number of breeding for both parents will be reduced by 1.

Gene inheritance:

1、 If both parents have the same elemental attribute, the child will inherit the attribute. If not, it will be random

2、 Children have a higher weight to inherit their parents’ skills and physical characteristics

3、 Children are more likely to inherit their parents’ basic attributes and growth rate.

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