Benefits of TEMCO’s open API

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Through TEMCO’s open API development, companies can conveniently utilize the interface!

The importance of API is increasing in diverse sectors of IT related industries. API is a set of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other services (Google definition). The APIs help in concise decisions and overall business procedures, also smooth integration of applications.

In some cases, companies lack sufficiently suitable APIs to efficiently operate their systems. To aid such companies, an open API that is flexible for many to use can rise to the surface.

There are 2 types of APIs, one is closed API and other is obviously open API:

Open API: a publicly available application programming interface that provides developers with programmatic access to a proprietary software application or web service.

Closed API: A closed API might be in your best interest if: The API is for business partners or other B2B uses.

In case of the open API, even a third party can have access to the interface, but the closed API may only be available for those who have access to it.

Advantages of open API:

  1. Open APIs are being used and developed in finance, supply chain, communications, and more areas.
  2. Commercialization of open API can reduce the transaction cost to 1/10th.
  3. Open APIs can be applied to blockchain and its related industries such as supply chain.
  4. Using already well-developed open API can reduce the hassle of companies, even some large corporations may find it easier to use the API that is well developed by other companies for efficient operation.
  5. Companies can use certain sections of the already well-developed open API that they need. Which is very convenient.

To provide companies with such advantages as above, TEMCO is developing a supply chain data management and the open market platform for luxury goods that even a company with lack of professional resources. A company that lacks resources for such open API systems can apply certain parts of the developed TEMCO’s API to develop their platform.

Such services as login, product details page, payment and others, companies without such API can use TEMCO’s API to develop their online shopping mall etc.

TEMCO is developing such API service that is efficiently usable by many companies, especially uploading the data to the blockchain and the services that can fulfill the needs of companies in diverse industries. The team is currently under the development process of the API service that blockchain technology can be easily utilized by SMEs which focuses on easy access to the needed data of the supply chain network.

The fact that TEMCO is developing such an open API is a great deal since it cannot be done without rigorous efforts. A lot of innovative solutions can be expected from the development of TEMCO’s API.

Thank you for your support!

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