KARMA Partners with EFFECT.AI

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KARMA Partners with EFFECT.AI utilizing EOS.IO


Medellin, 19 March, 2019 —EFFECT.AI offers an on-demand human workforce combined with machine learning. Effect Force enables projects like KARMA to automate and scale out specific micro-tasks. These micro-tasks can quickly scale into the millions of tasks per day. Having an intelligent, flexible & decentralized system in place to handle these micro-tasks, is a core element for KARMA to achieve its full potential.

Additionally, we’re excited about the potential of the Effect Smart Market. It is an AI Marketplace where projects like KARMA can go and search for task-ready smart algorithms to help automate & reduce costs for specific tasks.

KARMA ltd. is excited to announce a partnership between KARMA & EFFECT.AI.

Areas that KARMA & EFFECT.AI can collaborate:

  1. Content Approval
    As KARMA scales up, there will be an exponentially increasing number of daily posts on the platform. KARMA plans to utilize the Effect Force to quickly & accurately identify uploaded content using several data points. These data points will be used primarily to identify abusive posts and also great content.
  2. Spam & Abuse Reduction
    KARMA is committed to providing a free and open social network encouraging creativity and expression. With every user-generated content platform, spam & abuse are a problem to deal with. The best way to handle spam & abuse is by having systems in place to fairly & efficiently filter problematic posts. We see an opportunity to work with EFFECT.AI to improve and scale these systems as KARMA grows, while utilizing EOS to maintain transparency.
  3. Ad Approval/Disapproval Process
    Advertisements with burning mechanics are coming to KARMA. Ads shown natively in KARMA will go through an approval process according to the app store guidelines to ensure the quality of the advertisements.
    We see an opportunity to utilize Artificial Intelligence in this process to increase the approval/disapproval speed and ensure accuracy & fairness.
  4. Global Charitable Efforts
    Both KARMA & EFFECT.AI have strong commitments to impact social good. We plan to have both communities work together to multiply our efforts within our charitable endeavors and initiatives.
  5. Ads Optimization
    Improving the quality of Advertisements on KARMA is essential to enhance user experience and grow the ecosystem. We hope to utilize EFFECT.AI’s AI Marketplace (coming soon) to find an AI that can quantify public data to better serve advertisements on KARMA.

EFFECT.AI is a great addition to the EOS ecosystem and will lay the foundation for using AI both, decentralized and democratic.

*Technical Details Will Be Released Soon

For more information on EFFECT.AI:


Effect Force:





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