Tradisys Re-Launches Fhloston Paradise

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In the new version of the blockchain game, which is inspired by the movie ‘Fifth Element,’ the chances of winning will be much higher.

Do you remember the blockchain game Fhloston Paradise, which Tradisys launched on the Waves blockchain a few weeks ago? The community really enjoyed the game, which was designed to test players’ patience.

The winner of the original game was Dmitry Pichulin, known by the nickname @deemru. His recipe for success was to use Patrollo, an open-source bot he developed specifically for the game. Patrollo paid just eight stakes of 1 WAVES, eventually winning 4,700 WAVES for Dmitry.

We’ll soon publish an interview with the winner, but you can already check out the bot, which is available on GitHub.

Now, Tradisys has come up with a new version of the game, which promises to be even more exciting.

While the original game functioned on the principle of indefinite extension, the new version will be broken into rounds.

At the beginning of each round, players will have 15 blocks to extend the round.

Each round can last a maximum of 1,240 blocks, which roughly corresponds to 21 hours. The current block height will be displayed, so players will be able to see how many blocks are left before the end of the round.

Once a round is over, the winner — the player who paid the last stake — will have 200 blocks (roughly three hours) to collect the prize. During those 200 blocks, no new stakes can be paid.

If a round ends earlier than 1,240 blocks, the game is frozen until 1,440 blocks have elapsed since the beginning of the round. The remaining time can be used by the winner to collect their prize.

If the winner fails to collect their prize, that amount will be transferred to the subsequent round.

As a result, there will be a new winner every day, as opposed to just one main winner as there was in the first version of the game. The chances of winning will therefore be considerably higher, making the game much more exciting!

You can also try out Dmitry’s bot. Let it play on your behalf — maybe it will win for you!

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