Augur Weekly Report — February 13th

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Augur Weekly Report — February 13th

Development Update:

Over the past few weeks the developers for Augur have been re-organizing around three major initiatives.

  • Designing new UI concepts that will be added to our Reference UI. These changes are taking into account a lot of feedback we’ve gotten about the usability of various features of this UI, and begin to establish best practices for communicating complex information to users. Many of these changes will be integrated into the current V1 release and will be usable with the current contracts.
  • Implementing the new UI designs beginning with a new Trading interface, and now expanding into a redesigned Portfolio page which will make it much easier to understand what shares a user holds, as well as the states of the markets in which a user is participating. We’ve broken out tasks for each of these three major pages, and will be scheduling their development over the next four weeks. Pipelined with this developers are creating re-usable components that simplify building new UIs with the goal of having them be re-usable both within our reference UI, but to simplify third party developers building UIs that can speak to the Augur contracts.
  • The backend team is working hard on very exciting developments with the Augur V2 contracts. These contracts have been successfully changed to support using DAI (technically, any ERC-20/777 token) as collateral. These changes come along with a myriad of internal changes to our testing infrastructure for contracts. Backend development is now well underway for a new concept for Augur Node, which is a fully in-browser solution for supporting the UI. This new code is in its early stages but developers have been concentrating on how to speed up synchronization, how to keep all state within a browser session, and how to maintain reliability through reorgs while keeping data updated as new blocks are generated.

In order to check out these changes (and SOON all Augur development) please follow the new monorepo which has been built to contain all of the pieces of the Augur codebase — making it much easier to get up and running for anyone looking to integrate with Augur.

Each week there are a number of changes which will all be completed, so if you’re interested in the low-level details of what’s being working try taking a look at out current milestone: Arrogant Artichoke [UI V1 Issues] to see a summary of all that has been completed recently.

Augur Metrics:

Pre-Finalization Markets: 590

All-Time Finalized Markets1,384

Pre-Finalization Open Interest: $572,425.34 (4,575 ETH)

CASH Contract: $864,094.64 USD (6,946 ETH)

ETH Price: $124.39

Please note: Previously, the OI was recorded from Predictions.Global, which included unclaimed finalized OI in its calculation. From here on, we will be reporting pre-finalization OI and breaking down market tallies into pre-finalization, and all-time finalized categories, as calculated by CrystalBall.Be.

Download Augur v1.10.2


v1.10.2 addresses a bug in the UI that was reported by Peter Benesch. The bug was reported on Augur’s HackerOne program, and prevented reporters from selecting the last outcome in an 8 outcome categorical market during a dispute. A hotfix was released immediately. The incident has been added to the Augur Disclosures page:

Disclosures - Bugs & Vulnerabilities | Augur Prediction Markets


A Primer on Augur and Veil


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Veil — Weekly Update

The Forecast Foundation has no role in the operation of markets, trades or actions created or performed on the Augur protocol, nor does it have the ability to censor, restrict, control, modify, change, revoke, terminate or make any changes to markets created on the Augur protocol. The Forecast Foundation has no more control over the Augur protocol than anyone else using Ethereum.

Thus, we do not seek to advise others on how to use the protocol. We encourage those in the community that are well educated on Augur to pay it forward and share their ideas for best practices, tips, fixes and etc with the larger community via Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Github and other community channels. For more information regarding the role of the Forecast Foundation, checkout the FAQ.

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