KARMA Voting Rewards Update

KARMA | 03.11| 893


Users now will need a minimum of 100,000 KARMA powered up (staked) for their account to be eligible to earn a share of the daily voting rewards.

Why this addition to the smart contracts?

This minimum requirement will help to deter spam accounts aiming to come onto KARMA and collect voting rewards. The goal of this change is to ensure that KARMA allocated to voting rewards arrives in the hands of users adding value to the platform.

Post Rewards

The current tokenomics for this will remain the same. In an update coming very soon, users will be able to check how much KARMA they earned on each post from each individual users upvote/like. To understand how your voting power works here’s a simple way to understand it below.

For example 1 Million KARMA Powered Up (when you’re upvoting others):

You upvote 1 post that day, that upvote has your full weight of 1,000,000.
You upvote 5 posts that day, each upvote carries a weight of 200,000.
You upvote 10 posts that day, each upvote carries a weight of 100,000.

The weight of these votes are then factored with the total votes that day across all posts on KARMA taking their individual voting weight into account. So each additional vote spreads out your voting weight evenly across all posts that you vote for.

Power Up Rewards (Staking)

The Current tokenomics for this will remain the same. There’s some interesting updates coming to power up rewards that will benefit daily active users. More to come on this soon.

Here’s how to calculate it:

Your KARMA Powered Up/Total Number of KARMA Powered Up = Your % of total KARMA Powered. Then take your % of KARMA powered up and multiply by the total amount of KARMA in the Power Up Rewards pool for that day.

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