The SAFE Network Goes Mobile!

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Today, we’ve got some good news to kick off 2019. We’re pleased to announce that we’re releasing support for building on the SAFE Network for Android mobile developers!

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Want to develop mobile DApp’s (Decentralised Applications) for a truly decentralised internet that will ensure that every user has complete control and security over his or her data? Now you can.

What are we releasing?

Self-authentication is a fundamental part of the SAFE Network. It means that anyone can join the Network at any time. But, just as importantly, it also means that no-one can be prevented from joining. Creating an account, authenticating yourself and authorising applications so that they can only use your data when you allow them to do so — this is all dealt with by the Network autonomously. There are no third parties involved.

Until today, users on the current Alpha 2 version of the SAFE Network were required to use the SAFE Browser to access the Network using their desktop. This is because access came courtesy of the SAFE Authenticator (which is currently part of the SAFE Browser).

But from today, users can also access the Network using Android (7.0 Nougat, API 24). Initially, we’re putting out a proof-of-concept that can be found on GitHub. But in the very near future, you’ll be able to download the Android Authenticator App from the Google Play Store for your mobile.

And just as exciting is the news that we’re also releasing a new Java API. Why exciting? Because for the first time ever, developers can build Android applications natively on the SAFE Network. Or to put it simply, a developer isn’t just restricted to thinking, “I’d love to create a decentralised [insert app of choice] on the SAFE Network”. Because from today, she actually has the tools to start.

Of course, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Work continues to steam ahead towards the full release of the SAFE Network. The next major roll-out (the SAFE Fleming Release) is just around the corner. But from today, we’ve opened up the doors to mobile developers to start experimenting, investigating and preparing the groundwork to be ready for launch. By opening up another world of possibilities for the developers out there who share our views about the type of Internet that civilisation needs in order to grow into the future.

Check out the Details

Need more details? The best place to head is to the SAFE Network DevHub where you’ll find all of the documentation you need, including the Java API documentation. And if you feel that it’s time to get involved? Give us a shout either here or on the Safe Network Forum and either the SAFE Community or the MaidSafe team will be more than happy to lend a hand.

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