Development Update on Verge #16

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February has come, with it longer days for us to ignore, as we never stop striving. Never stop pushing our limits, to advance and better our current projects, with Verge Currency. So, this is our update, llet’s dive in our developmental progress.

Codebase rebase progress

In the last two weeks, we shifted our focus on integrating RingCT. At the same time, we started noticing two major issues with the alpha codebase that breaks the functionality completely.

Connectivity issues

The first one is that we weren’t able to connect and sync blocks/headers with any nodes. This bug was caused by falsely serialized headers sent between nodes. Those headers required an empty block to include all header details but without the block signatures.

Additionally transferring blocks was a blocking process as the old codebase checks for the validity of the block signature within the blocks. Since we didn’t sync them we can’t provide it, thus we have to re-sync our new blocks. We will proceed with the testing of both issues, please hold tight and make sure to wait a bit more until re-syncing everything until we confirmed the solution.


While working on the previously mentioned issue we recognized that some miners had problems with setting up a working mining environment to make usage of the improved performance and reduction of orphan/obsolete blocks. This is the second major issue that still exists within the current codebase and it’s caused by non-existing timestamps (nTime) within coinbase transactions. Obviously block checks aren’t checking for the existence of nTime field within the txs but the MerkleTree does that and that’s the point where it fails initially. We included that timestamp in the first place to support POS in later stages of Verge. Feel free to contribute to this issue.

Mining or not?

As a result of the mining issue we were also discussing if it would make sense to also prepare POS into our codebase so that we slowly switch between two major proofing systems as part of the decreasing remaining coin reward supply. We have to discuss that a bit more to offer you some more concrete solutions/plans that might be implemented afterwards.

What to do until then? Well we‘ll soonish define a new block halving as security measurement. This makes sure that we aren’t running out of mining rewards while developing POS.

iOS Wallet update

Last week we’ve released the Public Beta 4 of the iOS wallet beta phase bringing users a more stable experience. We’ve fixed some bugs and added some missing features:

  • Tor updated to
  • Apple Watch iteration v2.
  • New app icon.
  • Enabled asking Siri for a receive card.
  • Send card got visual changes:

And more.

Beta 5 will probably be out sooner than the normal release schedule this because of a server used in the app being down. Beta 5 will enable you to see all you balanced addresses and copy the public and private keys to the clipboard. This enables you to sweep your balanced address into a QT wallet.

Next up will be enabling the wallet to send XVG to a stealth address. Right now this isn’t possible. The plan is to enable this in Beta 6. If Beta 6 feels good we’ll start working on release candidates. The release candidate phase will proceed until we have a solid smooth working product.

Android Wallet Update

For the Android wallet, development has been resumed on a regular basis. New core members joined the testing program, a project has been setup on GitHub and I’m very happy that I can work on it again.

Lately I’ve been doing some refactoring, collecting feedback, opening (and possibly solving) issues and of course continuing to develop features.

Without losing ourselves in a maze of boring terms, below you’ll find some screenshots of the last in-development features :

Note : Designs aren’t final — I’m concentrating myself on the functionality rather than the design

  • The first implemented feature is the Price Statistics tab, which returns values according to your preferred currency
  • Second implemented feature is the history chart. I’m still developing the feature and will add date filtering soon (1M, 3M, 6M, 1Y … )
  • I’ve been implementing the currencies mechanism, and is already set to work with the Price statistics tab
  • Implemented the card share feature — At the moment it’s picture only .

Well, I guess we’re already at the end of this development update! Hope you guy enjoyed and I'll see you in a couple of weeks or around on our social media platform!

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