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The Forecast Foundation and the Augur community is excited to launch additional bounties for Augur tooling and infrastructure. Thus far, the network of developers, front-ends, dashboards and more have all grown and developed organically; allowing for peer-to-peer prediction markets to take many unique forms.

This bounty initiative will seek to further that expansion by encouraging developers in building applications and tooling that improve the usability, growth, and effectiveness of the Augur platform. Now is your chance to get acclimated with the development team, community, and code — while earning a bounty, improving the ecosystem, and beginning your own project!

The Procedure:

1. The Forecast Foundation and the “Smarty Pants” group of Augur Discord users will specify requests for external Augur tooling and applications on the Augur Community Bounties Github issue. Applicants are also encouraged to submit ideas for apps, projects, and additional tooling that are not explicitly outlined in this initiative on the same Github issue.

2. Applicants will write a short response detailing their experience, vision, proposed milestones and timetable, and plans for building out the project on the public GitHub issue.

3. Applications for each project will be open for (7) days. The Foundation and Smarty Pants group will review each application and promptly approve, deny, or request more information. The 7 day period begins Friday, February 22nd, 2019 at 5:00PM PT, and ends the following Friday, March 1st, 2019 at 5:00PM PT.

4. Upon the completion of the (7) day public application process, the Foundation and Smarty Pants group will set the top three teams or persons for each submission, where number 1 has initial priority, number 2 second, and number 3 third.

5. Developers who have been selected as the number 1 team for initial priority will be required to have deliverables by a certain date, else the team or person defaults on the bounty and it gets passed to the next team in line. If you submitted your own project or idea, its eligibility will be determined using the same criteria as the example projects below.

6. Upon completion of the project and by approval of the Forecast Foundation and the Smarty Pants group, the bounty will be complete and paid out to the submitting team or persons.

“Smarty Pants” is a group of independent, community individuals who have proven their extensive knowledge of Augur in the Discord chat. They are the moderators of the Augur Discord, and will be assisting in this initiative as an unbiased control group outside of the Forecast Foundation.

Project Ideas:

- Consumable Glossary: Take the Augur Glossary (in the Augur Docs) and create some sort of crash course / means of digesting and consuming the terms, with clean deep-linking to important concepts. You should create something where anyone who wants to learn more in depth about Augur can easily consume the details surrounding forks, reporting, trading, different states of Augur, etc. Think of example websites made by RadarRelay for example:,,, etc. ($2,750 in REP)

- Augur Explainer Video: Check the old Augur explainer video for reference. Create something similar, however up to date with the current mechanisms and explanations of how Augur works (including changes being made to the v2 deployment of Augur on a protocol level). ($4,000 in REP)

- Historical Reporting Digest: A running wiki/index and analysis of key precedent set by Augur REP reporters during disputes. A central repository where anyone can learn about the historical decisions REP reporters have made in terms of invalid markets, disputes, ambiguous markets, etc. ($2,000 REP)

- Augur Analysis Services: More third-party analysis services. Amount of REP remaining in old reporting fee window stats, historical reporting rounds REP staked amounts, accurate display of DAU, an “Augur Calendar” that shows the important upcoming dates for protocol events, visualizations of volume & trading activity, etc). Submit your idea on the GitHub issue. (~$2,500 in REP, variable)

- Submit your own here.

How to Apply:

Apply for any of the individual projects by submitting your application on the Community Bounties Github issue. If you want to submit your own idea for an Augur project to determine eligibility, also please submit an application on the issue. If you’re not ready to submit an application or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the community in Discord.

The Augur community looks forward to seeing your application!

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