New Smart Contract-Powered Game Launches on Waves

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We are pleased to introduce a new game based on Waves smart contracts. It’s very simple, but only the most patient player will win all the money…

The game creators from Tradisys have been inspired by cult movie The Fifth Element and have created a game on the theme of the film. The game is completely decentralised: there are no sources of external influence and it is controlled solely by the rules of a smart contract. It uses Waves Keeper to ensure the process is safe and secure: because your SEED is never exposed to the web, you’re not trusting any third party with your funds.

To take part, you need to transfer 1.1 WAVES to the smart contract of the game. Every time a participant enters the game, the countdown is reset and records a DataTransaction with the address of the last player’s wallet on the blockchain.

To win, the counter must reach zero — with the last address to enter becoming the winner. If someone else sends a transaction and updates the counter, the previous player is eliminated. The wait duration for the counter is 60 blocks, which is approximately 60 minutes, though can be shorter or longer.

To play you need:

1. Desktop operating system (Windows, MacOs, Linux).

2. The latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox.

3. Waves Keeper installed (Chrome, FireFox).

4. A minimum balance of 1.2 WAVES.

Game instructions:

1. Click the “Buy ticket” button.

2. In the pop-up window, sign 2 transactions using Waves Keeper:

- TransferTransaction (1.1 WAVES and 0.1 Commission)

Then click NEXT

- DataTransaction

3. If the first two steps are carried out correctly, your payment will be recorded by the contract, and the counter at the top of the screen will be updated.

4. The last player to buy a ticket before the countdown hits zero will receive the entire amount held by the smart contract.

5. You can play at any time (if you’re not the last player to make a transaction, there’s no point in waiting).

6. There is no limit to the number of entries a player can make.

This is how the interface looks:

The game is available here:

For technical information, developers can contact the creators of the game here:

If you have questions about the game , you can ask them in the official Waves telegram chat — use the @tradisys tag.

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