Waves to Take Part in Blockchain Gamer Connects

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Next week, Waves will participate in Blockchain Gamer Connects, the first event dedicated exclusively to blockchain games and held simultaneously with Pocketgamer Connects and PC Connects on January 21–22.

Waves’ Inal Kardanov will make a presentation called “Fueling the Revolution,” focused on disruption of existing relations between developer and player, which blockchain is bringing to the games sector.

Currently, players own nothing in the game. They could spend money on buying an item or time on growing a character, but, in the end, they can’t sell or swap those.

However, tokenization has the potential to revolutionize in-game economies, facilitating ownership of items by players. Legitimate trade of items for an in-game currency could also help to crack down on digital games’ black economy.

Overall, Blockchain Gamer Connects will be centered on exploring blockchain technology’s potential to introduce inevitable changes into the games industry.

Thanks to blockchain, a whole new category of dApps, enabling secondary markets for in-game digital assets and new models for rewarding players has arrived, but there are numerous other applications of the technology in the gaming sector, limited only by developers’ imagination.

Inal’s presentation is to be held on January 21, at 12:20pm. In addition, Waves will host a VIP reception.

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