Waves Christmas Game Proves a Success!

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Our Christmas game turned out to be a huge success. It entertained many over the holidays and the funds collected will benefit children from a hospice in Moscow.

From 24 December to 8 January, hundreds of people had fun playing Waves’ Christmas game, developed in collaboration with Tradisys.

In playing the game, users were not only able to try out Waves’ smart contracts, but also benefit a good cause, bringing joy to children at local hospice.

Waves Smart Contracts pass the test

The Christmas game — Waves’ first MainNet gaming project — formed a major test for the application of Waves smart contracts and Waves Keeper within the gaming industry.

Each game session launched by a player generated a smart contract, decentralising backend operations and ensuring that funds went exactly where they were intended.

Now that the game is over, we can say that Waves’ smart contracts successfully passed the test with flying colours, proving their reliability and efficiency!

Children to benefit

Over the course of the game, players found more than 500 WAVES under the Xmas Tree. In total, over 1,100 games were played.

Gamers donated 890 WAVES, to which we added 1,110 WAVES, making a total of 2,000 WAVES. These funds will be donated to the Children’s hospice.

We at Waves are strongly convinced that blockchain can truly contribute to making this world a better place. And the success of the Christmas game comes as another testimony to the technology’s significant real-world adoption potential.

To give developers a detailed understanding of how Waves smart contracts’ were used in the Christmas game, we will soon publish a more in-depth technical review.

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