TEMCO Luxury Market Platform: GUHADA’s BI Branding

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At this time, we would like to explain about GUHADA’s brand design progress.

Through the hard work of TEMCO’s design team, the design concept and details below are made.

First of all, the brand justification was selected!

The secure and verified luxury market:

→ Through the professional community, verifying the authenticity of the luxury items. (The Vendor Verification System (VVS)

The brand justification of GUHADA

→ If you look closely, you can see the idea bank of the design team in the background for the branding.

Next, we’ve selected the Keywords for the branding:

→ Harmonious
→ Essential
→ Refined

→ Through the brand design keywords, we decided to select the design essence.

→ Based on this background, we have several options for directions of the BI design concept.

We’ll continue next time for the updates on branding selection process!

Thank You for supporting TEMCO!

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