Ling Qing Meng at San Francisco Blockchain Events

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The first two weeks of October marked important events for the blockchain industry, with both the highly anticipated San Francisco Blockchain Week and Global Blockchain Forum. For iCash, this meant more opportunities to share our expertise and connect with important industry leaders.

Global Blockchain Forum

On October 4th, our CTO Ling Qing Meng attended the Global Blockchain Forum in San Francisco, an event connecting movers and shakers of the blockchain industry. Topics ranged from blockchain adoption and infrastructure to ICOs vs IPOs.

Ling was present as a VIP speaker, where he discussed the economic models of dispute resolution on the blockchain. The panel entitled ‘Tokenomics: The Business of Trust’, featured other prominent figures such as Li Jiang, Head of China at GSV Capital, Abhishek Punia, Investor at Draper Associates, Managing Partner at BlockTeam Ventures, Andrey Verbitsky, Token Economy Architect at ICO Box and Tyler Yasaka, Software Engineer at Origin Protocol. You can see the full panel below!

Ling also had an interview with Newconomy, a news portal focused on fresh perspectives on the future of money, where he shared information on iCash’s Proof of Trust protocol and incentivization structure. Stay tuned for the upcoming article!

ETH San Francisco

Held from October 5th to 7th, ETH San Francisco was the kickoff event to San Francisco Blockchain Week. Gathering some of the world’s best developers and industry experts, the three day hackathon was a great opportunity for the iCash team to meet relevant players in blockchain and discuss the latest trends in the technology.

Ling Qing Meng and the iCash team talking with Vitalik Buterin at ETH SF

Ling was present to deliver a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) to secure both voter identity on voter information on-chain. You can read more about it on our blog post here.

The lecture was one of the highlights of the ETH SF Hackathon. Watch Ling’s full tech talk below:

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The iCash Team

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