Beware of iCash Copycats

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Bitcoin Exchange Guide and other sites published articles identifying a trading bot that operates as a Ponzi scheme. Unfortunately, it shares our name. We do not endorse this activity, nor are we affiliated with it. We at iCash Ltd. (“iCash”) are in the business of validating smart contract settlements and do not partake in crypto trading algorithms. At iCash, we are developing a Proof-of-Trust protocol and only offer our tokens through regulatory compliant sales practices.

Please note that iCash’s official site is this one. Do not visit any other sites claiming to be us! They are scams!

Our team is formed by professionals with decades of experience. You can learn more about Will McDonough, our CEO and founder in our recent blog post. You can also learn about iCash, our team and advisors in the following video:

If you have any concerns, please contact our Telegram admins below:




The iCash Team

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