iCash Probability Modeling

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The iCash Community are an astute bunch, and you’ve asked some highly informed questions about the probability modeling behind our Proof of Trust protocol.

Our Whitepaper, website, and marketing materials, all give a brief overview of how iCash uses a validation layer to lower the possibility of an incorrect determination on a blockchain transaction from one in 20, to one in a billion. That first number represents an unacceptably high risk that no company and few individuals would take (outside of Las Vegas, at least). The second number is almost beyond the dreams of even the most conservative risk manager. It nearly strains credulity!

And that’s a problem. Because the numbers are credible. Our experienced team of computer scientists, economists, mathematicians and bankers have worked it out.

Proof Of Trust Layer 1
Proof Trust Layer 2

Many of you out there who are reading this — you’re just as smart as the people on our team. So we think it’s only fair that we open our probability modeling up for you to review and come to your own conclusions. It’s a full 10 pages of charts, graphs, definitions and formulas:

iCash Probability Modeling

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