Building Out from the Secure Core

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With all growth stories there are tales and times of struggle. Purity is beautiful, motivating, and timeless in its seductive allure. It also limits growth. The meteoric rise of Crypto and the Blockchain has, perhaps inevitably, produced simmering debate between growth and purity.

We at ICash see both sides of the debate, and even internally, we have key players that lean in the two opposite directions. The siren song of a secure, immutable web, freeing folks to commerce, anonymous, rule-based engagement, and expanded access and transparency, is loud and sweet. Broadening and deepening this to include billions, presently underserved is a powerful draw as well. But, there is that trade-off between purity and reach?

iCash is dedicated to building out the community. Our Proof of Trust protocol seeks to deliver speed and assurance of smart contract input accuracy. Why? Our experience, research, and advisory network have turned our eyes to a key and underexplored area. Distributed ledgers are potent, efficient and secure at recording and securing information. This has broken open a wide range of new possibility and opened access to billions.

However, there remain real and pressing issues with what we are chiseling into the digital tablets. Before we make it indelible, let’s make sure we make sure it is correct. Solving for accuracy in inputs to ledgers and facilitating fast and low cost transactions brings diversity and scale to Crypto.

Adding a layer of verification and authentication offers a major stride forward for the distributed ledger. There may be an increment of sacrificed purity. To absolutely minimize the loss of purity, we strove to use trust — not simply sanction — to build veracity of input and ability to appeal outcome. The trust layer means faster, further and greater use of distributed ledger. Yes, there is a touch of centralization in selecting criteria and voices to serve as assurance of accuracy and ability to appeal inputs. We think a simple, transparent and artful layer of trust building can largely preserve decentralization, while vastly increasing the community. Hence, Proof of Trust was born.

Our CEO likes the turn of phrase, measure three times and cut once. Proof of trust is this philosophy in digital action. We have been building scoring and sorting capabilities to allow fast, inexpensive, and secure data. We have also begun to build. We would love to add you to the community. We may not have achieved purity, but we act with purpose.

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