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Last night, ‘Decipher’ one of the well-known research groups in Korea, held a blockchain conference ‘DE-FERENCE 2019’, where GameXCoin team has also participated in.

<DE-FERENCE 2019 — — — GXC team on site>


Decipher is Blockchain Research Group at Seoul National University founded in March of 2018. Regardless of their background, occupation, or age, about 30 people have gathered together to study various blockchain topics including blockchain core, scalability solution, governance, smart contract, token economy, and Dapp.

On 2018 October, Decipher held its first conference ‘De-ference 2018’.

Yesterday, the second conference by decipher was held at ‘Nonce’, the blockchain co-working and co-living space.

Decipher being a research group doing deep-dive study on blockchain technology, many of the GameXCoin development team also take part in the group.

As a member of Decipher, GXC HOBL(Head of Blockchain Lab) Conrad gave an informative speech at ‘DE-FERENCE 2019’.

<Nonce — full of ‘blockchain’ people>

Verifying Ethereum Signature on EOS

Conrad, GXC HOBL(Head of Blockchain Lab), gave a speech on ‘Verifying Ethereum Signature on EOS’.

How can we do a verification of the Ethereum blockchain generated key on the EOS blockchain?

After a brief introduction on how to sign and verify a transaction in blockchain, Conrad dissected the components and processes of the two blockchains to show the audience how keys are merely different combinations of similar components.

<Conrad GXC HOBL — giving a speech>

Many blockchains including Bitcoin, EOS, Ethereum, and Litecoin use the algorithm called Secp256k1 to generate a public key and sign a transaction. The different form of Ether and EOS addresses comes from the difference in public key generation methods and en-coding processes. In the meanwhile, since the core principle and algorithm used are the same, cross-verification of keys from individual chains is possible.

If one could verify transactions from a single blockchain, the interoperability of different blockchains will increase. Plus, a new type of atomic swap becomes plausible.

Any code regarding the verification of signatures on different blockchains will be uploaded on conrad GXC HOBL github.

More good news from the GXC team is yet to come!

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