[GameXCoin] Febuary Development update for GameXCoin

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[GameXCoin] Bi-weekly Development Updates — Feb 14

Hello, this is GameXCoin development team sharing with you our recent development updates.


The GameXPlay internal test version has been released in the AppStore and PlayStore on Febuary 12th, and is currently under QA session.

Wallet features of GXC mainnet coin and game tokens, including balance check, transfer, and history management, have been developed. For game tokens in particular, additional function to check separately for in-game usage or tradable state is included.

GameXPlay functions not only as a simple wallet, but also as a tool for starting blockchain games and managing game goods. Therefore, we have decided the appropriate period for public release of GameXPlay would be after its integration with games, by the time we have a well-functioning in-game token economy. GameXPlay launch period will be aligned with its integration with an actual game.


On GXC mainnet, user application and port-server supporting developers are integrated via API.

Service contracts to be used in the user application, including swap function between exchange coin and mainnet coin as well as DEX function, are under development. These contracts will be opened in alignment with the game release.

In addition, the token contract protocol has been updated to proceed the token-related functions with less resources.

You can track the changes made to the mainnet on GXC github. (


Since system stability is of great importance for port servers, GameXPort, the developer portal for using GXC blockchain, is undergoing internal tests on various issue-handling functions, regarding stability and security.

In the meantime, we are developing a caching system which writes on the blockchain about the token issuance that is primarily processed on the port.

Also, we are deciding on individual policies regarding developer account required for actual game operation and multiple server operation for individual games.

Furthermore, unity SDK for integrating mobile games is to be completed in the next week, with which the integration tests will be conducted.

Besides that, some of the development updates will be introduced via various contents through GXC official blog.

Thank you.

GameXCoin(GXC) provides a technology infrastructure for game developers to integrate their in-game currency on the blockchain. Game developers issue game currencies on the GXC blockchain and the GXC coin becomes the key currency for trades between different game currencies.

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