[GameXCoin]Notice for Completion of GXC Token Burn

GXC | 03.06| 435

Hello, as previously announced, we have completed the token burn of the unsold GXC.

  • Total Supply of GXC before the burn : 1 billion GXC
  • after the burn : 726 million GXC

You can check out the details from etherscan Game X Coin token tracker.

Game X Coin (GXC) Token Tracker

Etherscan ( is the Ethereum Block Explorer where you can explore and search the Ethereum blockchain for transactions, addresses, tokens, prices and other activities taking place on Ethereum.

Since GXC is a ERC20 token, information about GXC can also be found on the Etherscan.

Below is the screenshot for the GXC token burn .

< — Game X Coin>

Total Supply of GXC, is now 726,382,834,9406079 GXC, which is 273,617,165 GXC reduced from the original total supply of 1 billion GXC.

Also you can see that the unsold 273,617,164 GXC has been sent to the address [0x0000…].

Thank you.

GameXCoin(GXC) provides a technology infrastructure for game developers to integrate their in-game currency on the blockchain. Game developers issue game currencies on the GXC blockchain and the GXC coin becomes the key currency for trades between different game currencies.

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