eosBLACK releases Chapter 6. Project

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Hello, this is eosBLACK team.

For today, we will introduce our last Chapter of the eosBLACK technical whitepaper, ‘Project’. For this chapter, we written down the core system of eosBLACK, the process of choosing promising Dapp projects.

Technical Whitepaper:

As the entire process of choosing promising Dapp Projects depend on the vote of the community in the eosBLACK platform, we can safely say it is a Community-driven Project. The final project chosen by ‘On-chain Governance’ is supported with the necessary development funds. As the number of chose projects differ based on the allocated budget per phase, the Project Owner (PO) will continue to improve the Project Proposal including the Business Model to gain higher support.

We have also written the risk factors that may occur in choosing the Project including the necessary basic information in project registration, voting process and progress. We ask for your deep interest and for more details, please check our eosBLACK GitHub.

The eosBLACK team is doing its best in development according to the roadmap schedule based on the technical whitepaper shared for a month. We will reflect the different opinions and voices of many others while we continue our development. We ask for your support for the eosBLACK Project.

Thank you very much.

From eosBLACK team

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