eosBLACK releases Chapter 5. Incentives

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Hello, this is eosBLACK team.

It has been a month since we shared our technical whitepaper. For the past month, we started with Chapter 1. Account and ended in Chapter 4. Entities. By doing so, we have introduced the key policies of the eosBLACK ecosystem through our technical whitepaper. For today, we will share the key element for a stable management and operation of the eosBLACK ecosystem and the realization of decentralization, “Incentives”. The Incentives of the eosBLACK ecosystem can be categorized to 3 main parts accordingly.

Technical Whitepaper:

First is the reward for block production in maintaining network nodes. By using ‘weights’, the request for block production is proportionate to the weight. Through that the reward between representatives for block production is controlled. This makes representatives more responsible in maintaining and managing the nodes.

The second Incentive is for the supporters who contribute to the growth of the network. The rewards are composed of activity in the ecosystem based on the number of followers, number of likes per article and others and approval rating rewards based on Vote Proportion.

Lastly, the voting reward that can emphasize the value of decentralization is given based on the number of staked coins per account. Vote in this manner means the vote of Representatives and Vote for the proejct. In order to receive an airdrop, one must participate both voting.

Details for all 3 Incentives are uploaded and open through our technical whitepaper. We ask for your deep interest and by next week we will introduce the most important process in our ecosystem, the Dapp project selection process.

Thank you

From eosBLACK team

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