eosBLACK released Chapter 4. Entities

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eosBLACK releases Chapter 4. Entities

Hello, this is eosBLACK team.

We would like to introduce the 4th chapter of our technical whitepaper. The 4th chapter is “Entities”, which pictures the blue print for 3 main key components that lead to a successful management and operation of the eosBLACK ecosystem.

Technical whitepaper:

The first are the Representatives that produce the blocks and have the right to modify all network factors. The second are the Supporters : Co-workers, individuals who can participate in Dapp development and marketing depending on the amount of staked tokens and the third is the Advisory Board that is elected through voting and helps the representative in project assessment, budgeting and other matters.

We have written in detail the specific role of each participants, their activity and qualification requirements. In addition, each role can receive their own share of rewards, we will write the details about this next week including voting rewards. We ask for your support. Stay Tuned.

Thank you very much.

From eosBLACK Team.

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