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Hello, this is eosBLACK team.

Our BLACK token is going to be listed on Btrade, a Korean Won Exchange.

Btrade is a cryptocurrency exchange as a result of a collaboration of both technology and expertise of ‘Blockchain Company’, a company specializing in IT security authentication and financial services and ‘Blocko’, a blockchain platform company.

Btrade especially does not utilize the conventional centralized trading platform but introduced blockchain technology in areas such as managing trade histories and user authentication. This increased its transparency in trade history.

Other than this feature, Btrade is providing a price prediction AI service for the first time among Korean cryptocurrency exchanges which predicts the price of Bitcoin after 30 minutes, 6 hours and 24 hours.

You could see more information in their official website regarding the listing.

Btrade’s announcement link:

eosBLACK is thrilled to announce the listing in Btrade after the listing on Coinzest last week.

eosBLACK will do its best for additional listing announcements of BLACK.

We ask for your support.

Thank you.

From eosBLACK team

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