KARMA Announces Official Release Date

KARMA | 03.06| 418

KARMA Announces Official Release Date For KARMA App Version 1

Today we are ecstatic to announce the official release date of KARMA: Version 1. KARMA is more than just a social network. It’s a philosophy aimed at reshaping the way we interact with one another for the greater good of humanity.

Communities consist of individuals each on their own unique path. KARMA is an ecosystem for individuals to connect, interact and spread positivity & compassion to enrich the lives of those both locally & globally.

What You Need To Know

iOS: Submitted for Apple Review (Should be available 12.21.18)
Android: Approved By Google Play (Will be available 12.21.18)
When : Friday 6:00PM EST (12.21.18)

Users will need an EOS Account & Active Private Key to create an account to start using KARMA. We’re currently working on a sign up option for users where they will not need an EOS Private Key to begin using the app. More details will be released on that as we get closer rolling out that feature.


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