KARMA Rewards For Early Adopters & Beyond

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KARMA Rewards For Early Adopters & Beyond

Aligning incentives is the key element in the creation and success of a decentralized community. The community has expressed immense support of the initial 1 million KARMA per day which was allocated as a pre-app bonus for staking rewards.

We’ve listened to the KARMA community and decided that it makes the most sense to allocate 1,724,550,000 KARMA over the next 9 years as bonus rewards instead of utilizing the KARMA for “Future Airdrops”. Airdrops are an amazing tool to establish an initial community. Beyond a projects initial airdrop, the question then arises, “Is it better to do more airdrops or add extra rewards for users of the actual platform?”. Factoring in community feedback and weighing the options, adding extra rewards for users seems like the superior choice.

This re-allocation creates immense incentive for early adopters and will continue to support a growing user base for years to come.

KARMA Rewards For Early Adopters & Beyond

This KARMA will flow as bonus rewards to users who have their KARMA Powered Up and are actively using the application daily. KARMA is a social network for good and it makes the most sense to reward early adopters of KARMA and help to create a better world.

The rewards will be distributed over the next 9 years as follows:

Year 1 @ 2,000,000 KARMA Per Day = 730 Million KARMA (2019)
Year 2 @ 1,000,000 KARMA Per Day = 365 Million KARMA (2020)
Year 3 @ 500,000 KARMA Per Day = 182.5 Million KARMA (2021)
Year 4 @ 400,000 KARMA Per Day = 146 Million KARMA (2022)
Year 5 @ 300,000 KARMA Per Day = 109.5 Million KARMA (2023)
Year 6 @ 200,000 KARMA Per Day = 73 Million KARMA (2024)
Year 7 @ 170,000 KARMA Per Day = 62.05 Million KARMA (2025)
Year 8 @ 100,000 KARMA Per Day = 36.5 Million KARMA (2026)
Year 9 @ 55,000 KARMA Per Day= 20 Million KARMA (2027)

The daily bonus will be allocated across 3 pools as follows. This is in addition to the daily KARMA created through inflation. These numbers are subject to change if the ratios can be improved for the greater good of the platform.

Power Up Rewards — 1.3 Million (65%)
Content Creator Rewards — 400k (20%)
User Engagement Rewards— 300k (15%)

*Allocation is based on Year 1 @ 2,000,000 KARMA Per Day.


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