KARMA Beta Now Open To The Public

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KARMA Beta is available for iOS and Android

KARMA ltd. is excited to announce that the KARMA beta app is now available to everyone. The beta testing thus far has gone amazing and we have gotten tremendous feedback from the community. KARMA is available on both iOS and Android.

We are now in the final phase of beta testing as we prepare to launch
KARMA: Version 1.0. The goal of this final phase is to polish up the UI and fix any tiny bugs that may persist. Simultaneously, KARMA will be tested internally on the EOSIO main net over the next week and scheduled for launch.

Things you’ll need for testing:
1. Download The App For Either iOS or Android
2. Create A Kylin Testnet Account & Copy Your EOS Active Key
3. Join The KARMA Beta Telegram Group

*The KARMA on the beta is NOT real KARMA. Do not try to send or receive this KARMA with an exchange or actual EOS Account.

Switch to Kylin Testnet

It’s really easy to make a new test net account here for the KARMA beta.

1. Go Here:

Download The IOS Version

Download The Android Version

KARMA Beta Telegram Group

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