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"Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) - Product lifecycle management program for product information and products in various stages of production "

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Medium — ADE token will ... — ADE token will be listed in Chaince.comOur airdrop is incoming and will be a great support for our token distribution. This exchange, with more than 400.000 visit/24h register in her records bring to our project the best way for the interchange of your ADE tokens.After care check about the diversity of different business you can find in EOS blockchain, we arrived at the conclusion that is not possible programe our airdrop with a maximum tokens for account, then we’ll try to avoid per totally whatever damage to any member in our ecosystem. Every accounts in our snapshot.csv will receive 5:1 without any restriction.December 20th start our 5:1 airdrop for every wallets holding 100 EOS or more. we have 20.73MB in RAM and hopeful reach 22MB at airdrop time. Our edited snapshot will be share in a few days still our test in jungle testnet until airdrop day for adjust per totally our resources.Is possible a little delay of our snapshot, then please keep your EOS in your wallet in the next 24h.Our sincerely thanks to team for help and push our project.Best Regards for everyone !!!M3745162https://cadeos.io[data-twttr-rendered="true"] {background-color: transparent;}.twitter-tweet {margin: auto !important;} still updating our 3D viewer. You can open your .stl and .obj soon !!! Remember you can stake your ADE tokens in @MeetDotOne .one — @ifunction notifyResize(height) {height = height ? height : document.documentElement.offsetHeight; var resized = false; if (window.donkey && donkey.resize) {donkey.resize(height); resized = true;}if (parent && parent._resizeIframe) {var obj = {iframe: window.frameElement, height: height}; parent._resizeIframe(obj); resized = true;}if (window.location && window.location.hash === "#amp=1" && window.parent && window.parent.postMessage) {window.parent.postMessage({sentinel: "amp", type: "embed-size", height: height}, "*");}if (window.webkit && window.webkit.messageHandlers && window.webkit.messageHandlers.resize) {window.webkit.messageHandlers.resize.postMessage(height); resized = true;}return resized;}'rendered', function (event) {notifyResize();});'resize', function (event) {notifyResize();});if (parent && parent._resizeIframe) {var maxWidth = parseInt(window.frameElement.getAttribute("width")); if ( 500 < maxWidth) {window.frameElement.setAttribute("width", "500");}} — ADE token will be listed in was originally published in on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


18. 12. 01 is airdroping 50 ... is airdroping 50 ADE tokens for your registration !!In addition to our scheduled no action airdrop on December 20th of our 20% ADE tokens for every EOS users than hold more than 100 EOS tokens, is sending 50 ADE tokens simply for your registration on our website, this record will be used to keep up to date with our job offers, advances in the platform and our additional promotions. Soon we will start sending by email how you can get our ADE tokens with a 50% bonification.We are in promotion phase, as everyone knows at EOS platform tokens deliveries are paid with RAM and we need EOS tokens to finance our airdrop.For send all ADE tokens to users with more than 100 EOS tokens in her wallets, we need around 2000 EOS, we will invest so in each EOS accounts receives their ADE tokens without discrimination. Accounts with less than 100 EOS tokens could earn her ADE tokens registering in our platform.We will have a great success if all EOS account holding few ADE tokens in their registry, making your ADE tokens revalued successfully over time.250 users are registered at the moment in our platform in one week having ADE tokens in her wallets now, if we still so, could have around 2000 users in 2 months holding and waiting for our EOS exchanges is on negociation with a couple of decentralized exchanges than we will announce in the right is airdroping 50 ADE tokens for your registration !! was originally published in on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


18. 10. 07

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Preparing to be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges
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  • DNS8VI6 Dec 06. 2018


    CADEOS Person in charge Dec 06. 2018

    감사합니다! 이후 에어드랍도 곧 지원 예정입니다.

  • 이오스갓 Dec 05. 2018

    왜 체인스는 이미 지급 되었고 상장까지 했는데 여기는 감감무소식인가요

    CADEOS Person in charge Dec 05. 2018

    안녕하세요 금일 저녁 정상적으로 지급되었습니다.
    기존 에어드랍 예정일은 20일이었으나 협의를 통해 미리 받은 점 확인 부탁드립니다.

  • je**** Dec 03. 2018

    스냅샷 끝났나요?

    CADEOS Person in charge Dec 03. 2018

    네 스냅샷은 정상적으로 진행되었습니다.

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