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DMT는 디마켓 플랫폼에서 사용되는 유일한 통화로 게임 유저 간 아이템 거래, 디지털 저작권자에게 주는 판매 수수료, 프리미엄 계정 구입, 데이터 분석 등에 활용됩니다.

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Pantera Capital

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Trading Tips: How to Double...

Want to get a new game or buy a digital gift for your friend? Double the funds in your Steam Wallet by following this proven trading strategy with step-by-step instructions and examples.Pay Less, Play MoreDue to the huge discounts on many skins on DMarket, you can use a simple and efficient trading strategy to cut your gaming expenses by half or get twice as more games without spending more. In short, it’s “Buy on DMarket — sell on Steam”. For more details, check out this step-by-step guide:Set Your GoalLet’s assume you want to buy a $40 game on Steam.Add Half the Amount You Need to Your DMarket BalanceIf your goal is a $40 game, add $20 or a bit more (to reach the goal faster).Use Filters and Sorting on DMarketSet the item price range to under $20 (you can also indicate a minimum price, to filter out those few-cent items).Sort items by the best discount.Monitor the MarketLook for in-demand items with 40%-50% discounts compared to Steam (aside from DMarket filters and sorting, you can also use online aggregators for skin prices).To check the demand for items, use the recent sales stats on DMarket.Buy Skins on DMarketAs soon as you spot a suitable item at 40%-50% off, check its actual price on Steam to be sure of the discount, then buy the item on DMarket.Sell Skins on SteamWithdraw the item to Steam, sell it there and capitalize on the price difference.Keep It UpCatch a couple of good deals and transform your $20 deposit on DMarket into a $40 balance on Steam.Tips & TricksDon’t Forget About the Target | Bid FeatureThis will help you when a discount for an item you want is not as much as you need. Make a bid with your optimal price, and the item will be automatically purchased as soon as it is listed for sale at the price you have offered. Make multiple bids for different items to increase your chances of getting a great deal.Beware of Trade LocksSteam applies trade hold periods to items after each transaction, so it’s impossible to resell an item immediately after buying it. Use the Face2Face trading mode on DMarket to cut trade hold periods by 50%.Check It TwiceSince item prices fluctuate, always check the actual rates on Steam and DMarket before making a purchase.Watch How It WorksThis strategy isn’t just a theory — it is a proven method to profit from price differences between DMarket and Steam. Watch the video below to see how it has worked out for others and then you can make it work for you.https://medium.com/media/d854e27a79e504ba7b86015e3cf936b0/hrefSource: https://dmarket.com/blog/dmarket-trading-tips/

D Market

20. 10. 26

Dota 2 New 7.24 Patch Notes

Icefrog and Co released a new patch a few moments after Clement picked up a Dreamleague cup in Leipzig. Valve has made changes to the map and shrines as well as updating the heroes and items.Before you start to read 7.24 patch notes, you need to know where to buy Dota 2 skins with the lowest prices on the market. Colorize your game with the most popular Dota 2 marketplace — DMarket.General ChangesNow heroes have a separate slot for neutral items. Each hero can wear no more than one neutral item active.Now the fountain has a common hiding place. The neutral items are there, not on the ground. Right-clicking on an accessible item in the new interface will place it in the hiding place or in the courier so that it can be picked up. The new interface also shows the status and location of the remaining items that have fallen out.The neutral item can be instantly moved to the shared hiding place by selecting the desired item from the context menu (from the backpack or neutral cell).The number of cells in the backpack has beenreduced from 4 to 3.Now each team can fall out of four neutral items of each category (chance of falling out is increased from 9% to 10%).The chance of falling out of neutral items from ancient creeps is now three times higher.The shrines have been removed from the map.Outposts have been moved to the main forests on each side.Overview of outposts was changed: previously there was an unrestricted view in a radius of 1,400, became ground in a radius of 700 (invisibility radius was reduced accordingly).Now the outposts are initially owned by their teams, and they can be captured at any time (the first award is still given at 10:00).The location of the trees in the places where the outposts were located has been changed.The middle camp of neutral creeps in the main forest of the Dark Force has been slightly shifted.Runes of wealth from the lines have been moved to additional forests.All talents that increase gold per minute have been removed.Void Spirit and Snapfire added to Captain’s Mode.Hero revival time at levels 1–5 has been increased from 6/8/10/14/16 to 12/15/18/21/24 seconds.Buyback price increased from (100 + value/13) to (200 + value/12).The death of the courier no longer stops a passive receipt of gold.Each player’s reward for killing the courier has been increased from (25 + 5* level) to (30 + 7* level).Courier revival time in seconds has been changed from (50 + 7* level) to (60 + 7* level).Speed of the courier movement has been increased from 280 to 290.Couriers can no longer place wards at level 15.Couriers can no longer use items on level 25.Ability charges are now highlighted in a separate interface, not as positive effects.Close Combat attack radius on Observer Ward and Sentry Ward is increased by 150.Items on Level 5 now drop out after 60:00 (see item changes below).Continue reading: https://dmarket.com/blog/dota2-patch-7-24/

D Market

20. 01. 30

Meet DMarket at D.I.C.E. Su...

Are you ready to Design, Innovate, Communicate, and Entertain at the upcoming D.I.C.E. Summit? Join DMarket in Las Vegas and get access to the multi-billion dollar virtual goods trading economy.From February 11–13, Las Vegas will host one of the most distinctive and advantageous networking gatherings in the gaming industry — the D.I.C.E. Summit. DMarket is a regular attendee of the conference and this year we are proud to be among its sponsors.Our company will be represented at D.I.C.E. Summit 2020 by our CEO, Vlad Panchenko, and VP Business Development, Alexander Menshikov.If you have also booked tickets to the event, you can now book a meeting with the DMarket executives.Schedule a meetingYou will:gain a deeper insight into the multi-billion dollar global economy of in-game itemsdiscover a shortcut to this economy for your games through platform integration or a white-label solutioncreate new monetization pathways at every phase of your game’s life cycleboost player engagement and lifetime valuemaximize your game revenue with cross-game promotion, pre-order campaigns, item SEO, and more.Designed specifically for video game executives, the D.I.C.E. Summit has been driving the gaming community forward by connecting its biggest minds since 2002. For game developers and publishers today, when the games industry evolution is gaining incredible speed, such networking could be more important than ever.With the gaming industry’s shift towards the free-to-play business model and skins-based in-game economies, creating a great game and selling copies is no longer enough to make it to the top. As a recent report by Newzoo suggests, subscription gaming is going to dominate the field in 2020 and beyond. We may also be at the edge of the cloud gaming breakthrough. Google Stadia has already launched while the likes of Microsoft, Tencent, and NetEase are ready to challenge with their own services.Despite quite a few technological burdens yet to be overcome, cloud gaming has massive potential and perfectly fits into the modern games industry driven by MMO titles, free-to-play and subscription-based business models, and item-based game economies.By supporting any monetization model and recent trends, DMarket gives game developers a ready-made solution for building and scaling a state-of-the-art in-game economy. Meet DMarket at D.I.C.E. Summit 2020 to see the future of the gaming industry head-on.Schedule a meetingSource: https://dmarket.com/blog/dmarket-dice-summit-2020/

D Market

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