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Blocery is online freshfood commerce, where users can come to purchase produce at the stage of production rather than the products are yielded thus ready for sale. The last hurdle for online freshfood commerce to overcome, user’s trust issue with the quality of products will be complemented by blockchain. End-consumers can make a purchase beforehand thus to guarantee discount deals and quality of products. Producer can reduce marketing cost with the aid Blocery and connect to consumers directly.

Leveraging blockchain tool of accurate information recording and token economy, Blocery initiates the service in B2C model . With the activated forward-based transactions, Blocery would derive other business models.

Blocery will make the real use-case of blockchain by distributing tangible produce beyond solely using cryptocurrency.

Executives and partners

Young Kook Kim


Grant Jin


Gary Kim


Tristan Kwon





Strategic Investment from G...

Blocery, Blockchain based trusted food supply chain management solution provider, is pleased to announce the investment by Labs.The investment was led by Labs, which was launched in Jan, 2021. Labs is aimed at talented entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas and the drive to take their startup to the next level. The incubator program will provide seed investment to selected projects so that the team can focus on what they do best. Apart from seed funding, support and resources, will also have incentives to ensure projects achieve their milestones. Over and above this, the best startups will be listed on and will be connected to the GateChain Eco, with premium accessListing at Gate.ioTo Be Announced by Exchange.About Gate.ioSince its inception in 2013, has become the top 10 crypto exchange globally . As one of the most secure and trustworthy exchanges, has provided trading services for over 3 millions users in 130 countries across the world. holds integrity, transparency, and fairness to a very high standard. Our exchange consists only of 100% real trading volume.About BloceryBlocery is a blockchain startup that has cemented itself as a force to reckon with in the agro-tech space. Blocery has been working toward its aim to simplify the Agri supply chain with the South Korean government since 2017 and its parent company, Ezfarm is an agricultural start-up with sales in excess of $10 million.In essence, Blocery is a blockchain and grocery service firm that leverages blockchain technology for agricultural products to solve the current problems associated with the distribution of goods in the supply chain. Further, Blocery’s parent company, Ezfarm, employs more than 80 employees and has a separate blockchain division to implement blockchain technology in the agriculture industry with blockchain patents.


21. 04. 07

[Blocery x Donnie.Finance] ...

Hello Blocery Community,To celebrate the launch of Donnie.Finance, powered by the mother company of Blocery, Ezfarm and IOST, Blocery Foundation will be holding an airdrop campaign for BLY Holders, total of 250,000 DON Token.[BLY Listed Exchange : Bithumb Korea, Gopax, Poloniex, MXC, Bithumb Global,]Unfortunately, this campaign will be only available in Korea. For IOST Hodlers, Please find more details about IOST Airdrop Campaign [HERE]Donnie Finance was recently featured on Cointelegraph, btcmanager, and such media with recent updates of the platform. Donnie.Finance is a Korea-based decentralized platform that is built on IOST blockchain and uses top-notch technology to offer decentralized financial services. The DeFi protocol is powered by its governance token DON.The Donnie Finance platform is based on IOST, but 5% of the the DON Token is issued an Ethereum-based token to improve user accessibility at the beginning. In early January, the first service, Checking & Saving, will be launched, and a bridge service that allows ERC tokens to be swapped into IRC tokens will be launched.BLY x DON Airdrop Campaign will be with ERC20, DON Token, which is currently listed on Coinone. Once IRC20 DON Token is distributed to IOST Hodlers and listed on major exchanges, we will be providing bridge service on[Event Details]Reward : Total of 250,000 DON (2.5% of DON)Date : 2020.02.19 (Fri.) ~ 2020.02.28 (Mon.) 23:59:591st Event : Hodl BLY, Receive DON ( 200,000 DON )How to participate :Deposit BLY to MarketBly App (available Google Play and App Store)Snapshot will take every midnight during the event.Minimum BLY requirement for each deposit : 3,000 BLYSnapshot :Snapshot will be taken for all deposits before 23:59:59, and will be able to find the received DON on the app after 02:00:00.How Reward is calculated :Reward of DON Token = (Holding # BLY) / ( Total Deposited BLY of all users) * 20,000 DONToken Distribution :Will be distributed all at the same time after the last snapshot.To be used on Donnie.Finance, must be swapped to IRC20.2nd Event : Find DON King ( 50,000 DON )How to participate :After the last snapshot, We will distribute extra 50,000 DON Token to users who hold most DON.How Reward is calculated :Reward of DON Token = (# of received DON) / (200,000 DON) * 50,000 DONToken Distribution :Will be distributed all at the same time after the last snapshot.To be used on Donnie.Finance, must be swapped to IRC20.More Details can be found[Donnie Finance(DON)’s Official Community]Website : https://donnie-finance.medium.comTelegram: : :


21. 02. 19

[Announcement] Partnership ...

Blockchain-based agricultural product history management platform, BLOCERY has signed a business partnership agreement with the custody service Upbit Safe.Blocery conducted a custody service for virtual assets through Upbit Safe and entrusted a total of 600 million BLY, 60 percent of the total number of Blocery Token (BLY), including Foundation, Team, Marketing, and Ecosystem allocations. We are planning to increase the quantity gradually.Upbit Safe is a service created in partnership with Upbit, a global standard cryptocurrency exchange, and DXM, a blockchain technology company and a subsidiary of Dunamu, to provide cryptocurrency asset storage services and solutions.Blocery is a platform developed by Ezfarm, a leading ag-Tech company based on agricultural intelligence data that combines agriculture and IT technology. It recorded the largest daily number of new subscribers in December last year, and its sales in October and December rose 200% compared to the previous month for the third consecutive month.With the aim of forming a transparent agricultural consumption culture, Ezfarm acquired three patents on blockchain utilization technology and established a “blockchain-based production and distribution platform” last year by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Internet Promotion Agency.It has been operating blockchain-based agricultural food direct trading platform “MarketBly” since March last year and plans to conduct aggressive marketing such as large-scale New Year’s events in line with the rapidly expanding service.[Announcement] Partnership with Upbit Safe was originally published in Blocery on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


21. 01. 11

[Blocery x IOST] Partnershi...

[New Partnership]Blocery is very pleased to announce partnership with IOST.IOST is an “ultra-fast” and “decentralized” blockchain network based on the next-generation consensus algorithm “Proof of Believability” (PoB).IOST is currently listed on Binance, Huobi, OKex, Upbit, Bithumb, and much more. ( the 19th issue of the Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index announced by the China Electronics and Information Industry Development Institute (CCID Research Institute) on Aug 26, IOST is up one spot to third, edging out Tron but trailing EOS and Ethereum. This is a huge milestone, highlighting how the project has grown in recent times.IOST is also part of the Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) as an accredited developer under China’s national consortium chain.IOST x Blocery PartnershipBlocery plans to join IOST Ecosystem as a high-quality Supply Chain Dapp. Through collaboration with IOST, Blocery aims to grow into a global project by leveraging the overseas network of IOST.To celebrate this, Blocery (MarketBly Dapp) will be holding an Marketing Campaign, Super Reward, that returns up to 99% of the payment amount as a reward. Details to be announced.Website: : : is currently listed on Gopax, Poloniex, MXC, Bithumb Global and few others. It is also expected to be migrated to IRC-20 after dapp renewal in 1st Half of 2021.Blocery is looking forward to collaborate and develop the project on IOST. And also, leverage IOST’s resources to expand the market globally and for massive adoption to the crypto market.Sincerely,Blocery[Telegram][Kakaotalk] any inquiries, please contact


20. 11. 17

MarketBly is now officially...

MarketBly is now officially available!Loading screen of MarketBlyHello from Blocery.We are delighted to let everyone know that MarketBly, the long-awaited service from Blocery has finally started its official service! Ever since the Alpha(α) test in June 2019 and Beta(β) test in December 2019, the official service of MarketBly has commenced from March 4th, 2020.After its official start on March 4th, further updates and improvements to the service will be made in every 1~2 weeks for the next 1~2 months.For those who are unfamiliar, let us briefly introduce to you what MarketBly is…MarketBly is a service that directly connects various food ingredient producers and consumers. Once the producer registers their products to be sold in advance (agricultural goods for example), consumers can purchase the uploaded items in advance for discounts in return. This is a ‘pre-purchase service’ we hope to introduce to everyone in the market. Also, the producer will provide a producer log (cultivation log similar to a diary) so that the consumer will be able to know more about the food they will order and its cultivators, receiving a service they can entrust on.Unfortunately, the service is only available in Korean language and for Korea-based users but an English service and a global expansion are in plans.We are starting MarketBly with a much appealing and elegant design than before, we hope to set a benchmark in successfully showcasing a blockchain project well adopted by the public. MarketBly is also having a ‘mission event’ to allow users to try different functions and receive BLCT tokens as a reward where actual products can be purchased! For any inquiries, feel free to contact and watch out for more updates soon![To download MarketBly] Google Play Store: App Store: is now officially available! was originally published in Blocery on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


20. 03. 10

Blocery searching for Offic...

Hello from Blocery.We are delighted to let everyone know that we are searching for Official Supporters for Blocery.As our official grand opening is coming soon, we are recruiting official Blocery supporters and will be receiving applications until March 3rd 23:59 (Standard Korea Time). As official Blocery supporters, selected candidates will be tasked to share information about Blocery and promote the new service to the mass public. The supporters will also offer valuable feedback as an outsider’s view on Blocery and its service on MarketBly and NiceFood such as the service efficiency and probable necessary improvements in user experience and user interface. We are open for Korean language users for now but we hope to further out to the global community soon. If interested and you are a Korean language user, please feel free to apply and get in touch with us today![Recruiting period]: February 24th ~ March 3rd 23:59 Standard Korea Time[Recruiting size]: 10 people[Acting period]: March 12th ~ July 9th※ Launching and closing ceremony to be re-confirmed due to recent events of COVID19[Preferred applicants]Individuals who consistently purchase goods onlineIndividuals who have consistently produced User Created Content(UCC) on social mediaIndividuals who enjoy being a critic on products[Activities]Regular off-line meeting (once a month) and online activitiesViral marketing and promoting on various social media platformsProvide reviews, feedback and idea suggestions on MarketBly and NiceFood in regards of user interface and experience.[Rewards]BLCT Tokens offeredInitial reward: 2,500BLCT(=100,000KRW) (Minimum 5 and more posts after counting)Reward per post: 250~500BLCT(=10,000~20,000KRW) after review from Blocery teamMonthly review performed to offer extra bonus rewards in tokens for outstanding participantsHighest participant award,Highest quality award,Highest promoted award,Highest influencer award and many moreBlocery goods provided: T-shirt and stickersExtra special discounts on MarketBly, exclusive offers in priority purchasing of newly released productsInvitation to possible future exclusive marketing events promoting MarketBlyAwarded based on meritActivity certificate providedShortlisted if applied for future internship or job application opportunities[To participate]Application link ☞ inquiries and questions will be answered through [] and we hope to get in touch with amazing individuals who can make this project a wonderful success together.Thank you.Blocery searching for Official supporters before Grand opening of service was originally published in Blocery on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


20. 02. 25

Blocery “MarketBly” Beta se...

Blocery “MarketBly” Beta service launched on 30th DecemberHello from Blocery.We are delighted to announce that Blocery, aggregate supply chain finance platform is to launch the beta version of the service, MarketBly, the first service by the project where user can pre-purchase and receive discounts.Discount/ pre-purchase serviceMarketBly is a direct to consumer service. Consumers receive the produce on the day set by producers and can access to producer-written records of produce( cultivation record ), thus to trust the service. Plus consumers can receive BLCT by activities such as confirmation of the receipt of produce.Super discount! pre-purchase system by setting the date for receipt with discounted priceBLCT rewards by review and purchaseBlockchain based by using Bilateral escrow, Smart ContractMarketBly launch mission eventClaim rewards by joining 10 missions.Complete the mission from MarketBly App. Generous rewards await.Period: 30 Dec 2019–31 Jan 2020Rewards: 250BLCT for pre-purchaseHow to Join?Click the button below (Upon completion of each mission, BLCT is rewarded for puchasing)MarketBly App Download ▼IPhone App Android App★ Blocery services are made of two SCF service for management of cash(“NiceFood”) and Pre-purchase service(“MarketBly”). The team is taking up the issue of credit transaction, the weakest part of value chain by transparent disclosure of finance, data and logistics. The service aims for the sustainable supply chain finance ecosystem thus to systemize stable flows of logistics and funds throughout the ecosystem. In the Blocery-led system, primary producers are matched to on-demand buyers in pre-purchase modes.Stay following up with us for “Nicefood” to be launched in short time.From BloceryBeta Service| Homepage| Blog| Medium| Twitter | KakaoTalkBlocery “MarketBly” Beta service launched on 30th December was originally published in Blocery on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


19. 12. 31

Agricultural products pre-p...

DApp “Market-Bly” closed beta opening on 18th of Dec before the beta launch7 Android and 3 iOS users recruited to be assistant to the beta serviceBlocery is launching its closed beta service on 18th of December for its DApp beta service launch.Users on the CBT come to test the usability, functional error and recommend the better solution to the service.Blocery, against the background of its parent company, Ezfarm, and her agricultural value chain business, is the blockchain project for purchase/investment, directly connecting users and producers, tracing the real time distribution process. Blocery is due to launch its Beta service of “Market-Bly” and grocery distribution platform “Nice Food” on 30th of December.The beta service upgrades bilateral escrow and smart contract to another level, increase TPS(switch from Ethereum to Ontology), diversify contents and improve pre-purchase system.Dongyup Kim, in charge of Blocery business, remarked “Market-Bly, Blockchain based B2C mall is a service available to use tokens with the incorporation of blockchain services such as smart contracts and bilateral escrows. The service also is a trust-based DApp service able to receive diverse rewards via activities of review and products purchase and would get improved with reflecting users’ feedback.”Beta testers (7 Android, 3 iOS users) are recruited via Blocery homepage by 13th of December and have chances of winning BLCTs and vouchers. products pre-purchase platform “Blocery”, Closed Beta Test (CBT) to users was originally published in Blocery on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


19. 12. 10

Blocery partners with Ontology

Ontology (ONT) Inks Partnership Deal with Blocery to Enable Decentralized ShoppingNovember 8, 2019Ontology (ONT) a blockchain project that claims to be dedicated to creating a high-performance public blockchain and a distributed trust collaboration platform, has partnered with Blocery, high-end agricultural products and grocery pre-purchase e-commerce platform, to enable the masses to easily purchase groceries with the latter’s decentralized application (dApp), according to a blog post on November 7, 2019.Ontology Welcomes New PartnerAs stated in its blogpost, Blocery, a high-end agricultural product platform that allows users to pre-purchase groceries via its decentralized application, is now a part of the Ontology ecosystem.With the partnership, Ontology will provide Blocery with the capital and infrastructural support it needs to develop decentralized applications upon the Ontology blockchain and support the latter’s decentralized financial (DeFi) ecosystem.What’s more, Blocery and its parent company, Ezfarm a South Korean firm that claims to have been actively involved in agri-tech for nearly two decades, establishing deep connections with Korea’s Garak market, plan to provide working capital for vendors of agricultural products in the region.Blocery makes it possible for farmers to locate end-users of their food products and strike a deal even before the products are harvested.Commenting on the Blocery-Ontology partnership, Andy JI, co-founder of Ontology reiterated that:“Blocery is an interesting project that has survived the blockchain winter, with a strong background in agriculture within its local market. Its supply chain finance business model will thrive in the DeFi ecosystem of Ontology.”Ontology Adoption on the RiseBlocery says it plans to launch a beta version of its dApp by the end of 2019, with plans to migrate to the Ontology blockchain in Q1 2020.Earlier in July 2019, Opera browser integrated Ontology’s public chain technology into its platform, to enable ONT ID users to easily access the Ontology network.On July 18, 2019, BTCManager informed that Ontology and NEO (NEO) had collaboratively launched an open-source cross-chain network to accelerate the growth of the decentralized web.More recently, in October, Ontology announced its v1.8.0 upgrade, which comes with the Wasm functionality, to enable developers to work with a vast array of advanced programming languages, including C++, Rust, and more, on the Ontology network.sourced by. partners with Ontology was originally published in Blocery on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


19. 11. 21

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    IEO 및 최초 거래소 상장은 2019년 3분기에 예정되어있으며, 거래소는 현재 협의중에 있습니다. 추후 공지를 통해 소식을 전해드리도록 하겠습니다. 감사합니다 :)

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    B2B의 경우 농정데이터를 바탕으로 작황에 영향을 덜받는 상품위주로 예약구매를 연결하며, 높은 리스크와 할인율을 비례하여 고객들에게 제시하는 방식으로 예약구매 플랫폼을 구축합니다

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    10,000BLCT = 1ETH (200USD)로 세일 예정입니다. 세일 일정 및 추후 로드맵은 커뮤니티방에서 지속적으로 공유드리겠습니다. 감사합니다.

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    중앙 유통에 대한 의존을 줄이며 실험적인 농가들의 다양한 상품을 Blocery를 통해 판매하며 안정적인 수익을 확보할수 있도록, 구매자는 다양한 상품을 접하고 더 유통마진을 줄이도록 하고자 합니다.

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    물론 축수산물 및 가공식품도 블로서리에 입점 예정입니다.

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    지적하신 문제를 완화/해결하고자 하는 것이 블로서리의 포인트입니다. 시세 급등락 예상치를 생산자 , 구매자에게 모두 제공하여 가격지정에 도움을 줍니다.

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    지적하신 문제를 완화/해결하고자 하는 것이 블로서리의 포인트입니다. 시세 급등락 예상치를 생산자 , 구매자에게 모두 제공하여 가격지정에 도움을 줍니다.

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    Blocery Person in charge May 27. 2019

    소비자측에서 미리 구매하는 핸디캡에 대한 보상 할인을 넉넉히 주어 합리적인 가격에 유통되기 위한 플랫폼 반드시 구축하겠습니다!

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    농산물은 어디서 확보하나요?

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    농가가 직접 입점하는 방식으로 서비스 됩니다.

Platform ERC20
Hard cap -
Audit -
Stage -
Location -